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NBA Should be an Afterthought

There isn’t much the NBA can really do right now.  The league is mired in a lockout with no end in sight.  The players are literally at the throats of David Stern & co.  Nothing the league suggests is even within the realm of thought for the Players.  Despite all the problems the NBA is having, the league’s absence has been utterly unnoticed.

NBA Commissioner David Stern is answerless

Many probably learned this year that the NBA season actually begins in late October.  Football always makes basketball play second fiddle, but a Penn State scandal and America’s economic turmoil really leaves the NBA as an afterthought.  Now the sports world prepares to charge into basketball season without a professional basketball season.  Luckily for the astute of sports’ fans, we know college basketball is the far more watchable brand of dribblers.  College basketball supplies something the NBA can only advertise: drama.  From a simple episode of SportsCenter one could deduce what teams would have an opportunity to win the NBA title this year: the Miami Heat or Los Angeles Lakers.  The college game offers absolutely insight as to who the favorite is.  Any team in the college game could become a National Title contender.  The Connecticut Huskies were unranked at the beginning of last year and won the National Title.  Michigan State was ranked #2 and ended up losing in round 1 as a 10 seed.  This year already offers early season surprises.  #7 Vanderbilt lost to Cleveland State and dropped to #20, Coach K broke the all time wins record, and Robbie Hummel’s return is already turning triumphant.

Robbie Hummel is one of many reasons to celebrate NCAA basketball

The NBA’s biggest storyline entering the season would’ve been if LeBron would win a championship…an account sports fans are well acquainted.  Last year there was the drama of Bron Bron moving cities…all in all, it’s a Bron Bron world.  The NBA has fallen into the same sad state which has enveloped baseball.  The sports fan loves drama.  No one can deny the most exciting news in baseball has been the steroid scandals.  LeBron’s riot-causing flight from Cleveland caused the biggest stir in the NBA since Nam.  But to be fair, who can blame LeBron for wanting to leave Cleveland?  I digress.  Now the NBA has fallen into an impasse where neither side is going to budge.  It should sound familiar to the educated American…it’s our political atmosphere in the sports world.  Each side is a political party.  The Grand Old NBA taking on the institution-shrinking Players. For now, it appears as if, like the G.O.P. and Democrats, the NBA will remained stalemated.  The good news for the average sports fan is that the lockout is the greatest drama we’ll see in the NBA for eons.  Let’s celebrate the lack of NBA season…okay, not stop thinking about the NBA, because honestly it’s what you probably do in-season anyway.  Now, think of how many ranked teams are in action this week in college in order to satisfy our sports hunger before we reach football this weekend…If you’re optimistic and rational, it’s like nothing is even missing.


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2 thoughts on “NBA Should be an Afterthought

  1. You’re absolutely right, we aren’t missing much!

    I swear man, I’m so stressed with homework, sports (of my own) and hanging with friends that I have no time to watch sports except for Sundays

  2. NOoBish_One on said:

    I hate you.

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