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Astros moving to AL and what it means

It was announced on Thursday that the Houston Astros will be moving from the crowded National League Central to the spacious American League West.

Astros President Jim Crane brought change to the Baseball world.

This decision will cause a plethora of changes to the Baseball world.  Now both leagues have 15-teams, meaning inter-league play is now nonexistent in a way.  Now, leagues will have to mix regardless of the time of year.  One major shift in philosophy will be NL team’s collecting big hitters to fill a DH role which will be more prevalent than before thought possible in the National League.  Also, now every division has the same odds of making a run to the playoffs.  Before, the six-team NL Central had much worse odds than any other and the ridiculous four-team AL West gave teams a better opportunity than any other.  Also, the MLB will shift to a NFL-esque playoff formula.  Two wild-card teams will be accepted starting in 2013 and possibly 2012.  It is estimated that the All-Star game will still decide home field advantage in the World Series…the biggest tragedy in the sport.  While the move looks spectacular on the surface, there will be much trouble for teams to adjust to the brand new system.  No one can anticipate how the schedule will shape up and how management will react to having to completely change the way it forms it’s 25-man roster.  All in all, it makes sense for the MLB to do this.  Bringing teams such as the Yankees, Red Sox, and Rangers to the NL and Cubs, Cardinals, and Phillies to the AL will make people more interested in the games and bring the ever necessary drama to the sport.  IT will be interesting to see how the change pans out in the coming years.



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