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Reminiscing : Like Fried Okra

What is fried okra?  It’s soul food, at least according to Taking Back Sunday’s lead singer Adam Lazzara and former vocalist and guitarist Fred Mascherino.

Soul Food?

It’s great to stuff some okra into one’s muzzle and let it slide down into one’s gullet.  Yummy!  Better soul food than fried okra is reminiscing.  Just sitting around and looking back on the fond memories of one’s life can bring such warm fuzzy feelings that the partaker will feel as if on a bed of comfy cumulous clouds.

Clouds > Okra

A night of sitting around a roaring fire or just filling up space in a basement with friends and talking about childhood memories can become a five-star memory in its own right.  Nothing strikes up a conversation with me faster than reminiscing.  Ask me about my childhood video gaming days and you’re stuck in an hour long period of swapping stories of Nintendo 64’s and PlayStation 2’s.  Then I may even switch over to my golden years of Zoo Tycoon, Roller Coaster Tycoon, and Runescape on the computer (Runescape before they enhanced the graphics, of course).  And this always reminds me of the music I listened to back in the days.  That’s another hour.  Now we’re swapping stories of our glory days on grade school and high school sports teams, Mike is snoring on the couch, and Phil has passed out on the floor with drool dripping from the corner of his mouth soaking my pillow, but I’m far too imbued into the conversation that I do not notice these nonsensical actions.  Then there are stories of family vacations.

The Good Old Days

Hiking up mountains and rushing down a stream on a river raft in the countryside of Wyoming immediately pops into my mind.  Then there are the stories of friendships past.  Talking of how Johnny, who went to the same high school you guys did, clogged the toilet in the cafeteria bathroom and kept flushing until it eventually overflowed and he ran out crying or when Jesse urinated on walls of the bathroom in fifth grade (and maybe other stories that do not involve excretion but are far less humorous).  Now, I’ve decided that instead of sitting here and continuing to write about how awesome it is to think about the past, I’m going to meet up with my buddies and have a little pow wow and laugh, cry, and smile about how stupid we were/are.  I’d recommend it.


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One thought on “Reminiscing : Like Fried Okra

  1. Bawlsac Teebagr on said:

    Addie!WOOOOOhOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Love me some good friendship love! I have learned that love from friends is the greatest love you can have! It’s true 😉

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