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Contrary to Everyone, Bama-LSU is the right call

News of “The Rematch of the Century” sparked national backlash which has left many an Oklahoma State fan sputtering.

DoBCS? Do you want to make Mike Gundy vomit?

Many, including renowned columnists, “experts”, and casual fans alike have partaken in the annual bashing of the BCS System. While I frown upon the rematch and wish something had transpired in order to make everyone smile a little more; I find it extremely unncessary to deny the truth that the BCS made the right decision this year, regardless of the outcome.  It’s flawed if Alabama bests LSU and ends up being “crowned” National Champion  by going 1-1 against the Tigers.  It’s flawed that two teams come from the same conference and play for the title.  Finally, it’s a shame that Oklahoma State won’t get a chance to play LSU.  Many scream “playoff system”, but it should not be punishment to the clear #1 team (this year, LSU) to have to stay perfect for longer, if so then the 13-0 they have already accumulated is as meaningless as the Colts without Peyton Manning.  The BCS is a hated system, but only because it makes the regular season fair.  I don’t need to defend the BCS again, I already did that.  So I digress.  In regards to Bama-LSU 2.0, no one can complain  because the BCS picked exactly what it is supposed to…the two best teams in the country.  It is not about what conference you belong to or if you won your conference.  These things are taken into account when determining the best teams, but Oklahoma State had one thing Alabama did not and that was an upset loss.  Alabama’s only loss was to LSU by 3 in overtime when the Tide probably had the advantage throughout.  “The Game of the Century” was too close to say without question that LSU was far and away the best team, and while the idea of a rematch disgusts nearly all of civilized America, it was the correct call for what the BCS has laid as both its precedents.  1) it has to make things as frustrating as possible and 2) it picks the two best teams (or what appear to be the two best teams) based upon regular season.  I find it a shame that the BCS knew what it was talking about this year because I never wanted to see the rematch.  I wanted to see Oklahoma State get mauled by LSU.  As it is, we get the two best teams in the nation playing the National Title game and an Fiesta Bowl which won’t involve an SEC team beating down Stanford.  The game may be hated and conflict shall arise (especially if  Oklahoma State wins), but it was the correct decision because Bama has proven it was the second best team this year by losing only to LSU by 3 in overtime.  Oklahoma State just could not escape the ghost of Ames and their loss to the Cyclones.  The Iowa State upset left the BCS with only one logical choice as to who was #1 and who was #2…LSU and Bama respectively.


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2 thoughts on “Contrary to Everyone, Bama-LSU is the right call

  1. unclepat on said:

    Addie good writing. I dont mind the BCS it rewards people for winning, if teams want a BCS bowl don’t lose to crappy teams. But I do have a problem with Bama LSU. They played once before and LSU won. Now if Bama wins the BCS championship are they best team? They really only split a series and won the one game out of the two deemed the national championship.

  2. Mike Gundy on said:

    The computers disagree…..

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