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Walking into a high school classeroom can really show how meaningful sports have become in today’s world.  Conversation is sparked most easily through discussion of sports, especially in the male atmosphere.  Walk into seventh period Jounalism class at Elder High School and it’s all you’ll hear about is sports.  Every Monday is an eruption of roaring over Fantasy Football.  People yell about how much bullpucky it is that Ben Roethlisberger scored 39 points in week 5.  The Roelthisberger holder counters with how his best running back Chris Johnson has been a bust and a half.  In the present day, the discussions are about the outcomes of a game between their favorite teams.  One gives shit while the other fervently defends how the referees screwed over his team.    Yelling erupts after just one comment from a Duke fan to a fervid Michigan fan in the back row after their embarassing loss to the University of Virginia.  The yelling consists of biting remarks about Ohio State ripped apart Duke on their November 29th meeting.  A Michigan fan boasting about an Ohio State victory?  Shows how far one goes to defend his team’s dignity.  In the oppostire corner of the room, people talk about how an Alabama-LSU rematch is idiotic.  The Tide had their chance and blew it, why do they deserve another opportunity to take down the Tigers?  Many would like to see another team get the opportunity to end LSU’s perfection.  The pro-Bama fans laugh and retort how the BCS National Championship Game is supposed to be a match-up of the top two teams in the nation.  Alabama showed they could not only hang with the Tigers, but had more than enough opportunity to beat LSU.  How has any other team showed it deserves the chance more than Bama?  Another student says he doesn’t really care about College Football, he’s just glad the NBA Lockout has ended.  Everyone else yells at him, calling him n00bish.  Honestly, who would really care about the NBA?  I digress. 

The world of sports has taken true meaning with high school students and it is obivous with just one little trek through a class.  It is amazing how students connect to each other through the use of the entertaiment behemoth: sports.  Also, sports have undoubtedly created a bond for fathers/sons among others.  Families affix to each other via sports.  Without a doubt, today’s America is delving into sports with an intesity that cannot be denied.  Nothing afflicts our culture more than sports-mania.  Just meandering through a high school classroom or pretty much anywhere else tells just how important sports have become.


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