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Vincenzo el Nino Defends Oklahoma State


By:  Vincenzo El Nino

            Yadam eloquently defends Alabama’s BCS National Championship appearance, but I’m here to tell you why the boys from Stillwater are getting screwed out of playing for that pretty crystal ball. 


Now, I’m not going to be the village idiot and tell you that the SEC isn’t the best conference in college football…I mean come on. How many times does a conference have to win the National Championship in a row to prove that point?

Cam says "4"

  But I have a feeling the boys from Oklahoma State may just disagree with that. “Naw, you guys, no way! Any idiot could see that the SEC is better than the Big 12? Right? Right?” The answer is no, we can’t. Football games aren’t settled on paper, or on the TV, or on College Game Day. They’re settled on the field. So who’s to say the Big 12 couldn’t keep up the boys down South? Certainly not Alabama or LSU- they played a combined 0 Big 12 teams. What about the third best SEC team, Arkansas? Well they played a mediocre 6-6 Texas A&M halfway through the year. How much did they beat them by, 50? 100? 200? Nope, four. Four measly points separated the two teams. Well…..let’s go to the computers, certainly they’ll tell us how much better the SEC is. What’s that? The computers say Oklahoma State is the second best team? And Oklahoma is the seventh? And…..Kansas State is the…..fourth??? I didn’t even know K State had a football team. My point is, the only thing keeping the Cowboys out of the big game is the voters…and who can blame them? All they’ve seen the past five years is SEC dominance; of course they’re going to side with Alabama. But until you put Oklahoma State (or whoever) in the Championship, we’ll never break that mold.

            Now hold on, you say, Oklahoma State lost to Iowa State. How can they possibly deserve a shot for the title? Well that has a justification, as well. Iowa State is no slouch- in fact, they’re an upset machine. They’ve beaten powerhouse Iowa 8 out of the last 15 years and were host to Oklahoma State on that fateful November 18th night. Wait, did you say November 18th? Yes, yes I did, self. Indeed, that is an entire one day after a plane crash killed two women’s basketball coaches, a school tragedy that makes the Penn State incident look like child’s play. (Pun intended-I’m sorry if that’s in bad taste, but deal with it.) And when 100% of Ames, Iowa stormed the field that night after a double overtime victory, Oklahoma State should not have been seeing their dreams be whisked away by a cyclone.

Ames, Iowa....maybe?

Lastly, Alabama vs. LSU is just a lose-lose. If Alabama wins, how can you call them the real National Champions? They went 1-1 against a debatably better team. If LSU wins, well, they’re better than Alabama, which we already knew. So BCS officials, if you’re reading this (and I suspect you are) it’s not too late to change your minds and put the Cowboys up against LSU. You’d be doing us all a favor.



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