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Isn’t This About Basketball?

It’s not everyday you get the opportunity to ruin one of the most anticipated games on the college basketball calendar.  In fact, many would argue you only have one day a year or more specifically 40 minutes in basketball time to do so.  This is what the fans of and players from the University of Cincinnati and Xavier University have accomplished on Saturday.  I’m sure the entire nation is fully aware of the fight which erupted in the final seconds of the Crosstown Shootout.  SportsCenter gave it ample spotlight time.  What I’m not so sure of, is if the nation knows how Cincinnati area fans reacted to the game:

Tweets and Facebook stati erupted from around the Cincinnati area, obviously, over the skirmish.  Some of the users actually had his or her head attached when he or she created his or her comment.  They posted something like, “This is so embarrassing, cannot believe those guys would do that.  Dammit”.  Many of the folks decided to instead post something ridiculous and make gigantic assholes of themselves by saying something like, “I’m so happy that Yancy Gates punched Kenny Frease in the face”.

I must admit, a slight improvement

Well, I hope you’re even happier if UC and XU don’t partake in the annual match-up next year and I hope you’re happy without big Yancy for the next six games (he deserved at least double that amount, but I digress).  Fans reacting with pride when their player hits another player is just as embarrassing as the player going berserk in the first place.  Does it really make you proud of your team to know they are a group of thugs who decide to brawl because they are frustrated over losing by 23?  Are you really oh so glad that your team doesn’t have the class or gumption to submit to defeat to a clearly superior team?  I’m not going to hide it, I really was rooting for UC to win this year.  It was disappointing to me that the guys lost by 23 and all, but it does not even compare to the disappointment I had when the brawl broke out.  It was nothing to brag about because your 6’9″ center can sucker punch and opposing player as he tries to break apart the children.  Don’t get me wrong, I feel Kenny Frease is a sad excuse for a 7’0″ basketball player and yeah he’s kinda ugly, but since when does doing the right thing earn you a knock to the face?  Frease did not run into the pile with the intention of attacking anyone.  According to the fans of Cincinnati Bearcat basketball, not only does Kenny Frease deserve to get sucker punched and stomped on for trying to break up a scuffle between immature jackasses, but it is something Yancy Gates should be proud of doing.  That’s being naive, people.  So before you get on here and tell me how I’m being an asshole, just remember, you think that being ugly and trying to stop a fight are good enough reasons for someone to get punched in the face….just remember that.  Now for all you Xavier fans, before you continue to criticize the Bearcats and label them thugs, remember it was your team who actually started the mess.  Sure, Kenny Frease was innocent, but what about Dez Wells who actuallt started the fighting by shoving Ge’Lawn Guyn?  Xavier fans went a different route, and while higher, still disappointing.  They decided to directlytake shots at Yancy Gates and the other UC players and defend the Xavier players.  The key for XU fans to remember is that no one is without blame.  Try to not use a holier-than-thou mentailtiy when your team is just as guilty.  And at least the UC players were able to stand up and admit they made a mistake.  Tu and Lyons just say in front of the media and talked about how proud they were of the fight.  XU fans should be not be any prouder than Cincy fans.  Even with a 23-point win, XU should be cursing the game.  It means disaster for Cincinnati-area basketball fans.  It’s disappointing when fans are more worried about winning some fight than the sanctity of the historic rivalry game.    Very disappointing…


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One thought on “Isn’t This About Basketball?

  1. Well said Will.

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