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Isn’t This About Basketball? Pt. 2

I just published part 1 a few days ago, but I decided that I needed to immediately turn around and write this article.  I recently attended a basketball game between my alma mater Elder High School and our close rivals Oak Hills High School.  The game itself was not very interesting.  Rallied by a maniacal cheering section, the Highlanders cruised to a 72-59 win.  The game was not nearly as close as the final line implies as this writer estiamtes Elder nearly tripled the Highlanders in turnovers.  Usually this game turns into a blowout, but usually the entertainment comes from the shouting match between the schools’ respective student sections.  Oak Hills had added ammunition as we Elder boys had stumbled to one of the worst football seasons in school history.  As expected, the Highlanders used this against us.  Also, the customary cheers of the private and catholic Elder utilized cheers involving paying for the Highlanders’ gym, school, and buses.  These relatively harmless and usually funny cheers were no problem.  Teachers, fans, parents, players, and students alike all expected these blows to be brought out.  Other things occured, however, which only furthered my questioning of if sports are about sports any more.  Elder decided to bring foward the first blow, chanting the name of a recently incarcerted student (we’ll call him student A).  I was unaware of who this student was, but either way the cheer was below the belt and underhanded.  Oak Hills kids decided then to begin cheering offensive cheers to about an Elder student who also had been recently troubled.  We replied by insulting a girl because of her corrupted facial feature.  Oak Hills then insulted one of our guys because of his heavysetness.  I have absolutely no idea whether or not the students mentioned were insulted by the cheers or not, but the fact is they were compeltely unncessary and embarrassing to both sides.  The night was not quite over…As I walked out of the Oak Hills parking lot, a pair of Oak Hills students fired packed balls of ice toward my head.  One of the kids yelled, “Better than (insert student “A” here) huh?”  I kept walking and retorted, “I don’t even know who that is.”  Although the kid seemed a little intent on following me, he stopped and returned to his car.  I left without any other incidents, but the night was still not over.  After I departed, students began firing eggs at the other school’s students’ cars.  Some fights broke out and knives were drawn at some points.  A couple of kids were arrested and finally the Oak Hills parking lot was emptied.  Whatever happened to honorable rivalries in sports?   The city of Cincinnati (between UC-XU and now Elder-Oak Hills) appears to be the epicenter for forgetting what the rivalry is about.  People watch the Army-Navy Game and see the players from both teams emulate the others.  They watch each other sing their respective fight songs and honor the opposing team.  The service academies show us what sports rivlaries are really about.  The great rivalries are built off of mutual anticipation during the season, mutual hate come game time, and mutual respect following the game.  It’s awesome to see teams act the way Army and Navy did.  If only Cincinnati understood that rivlaries are about the contests and the athletes and not about fighting…sigh


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  1. Dan Hilvert on said:

    You are so Uuge…

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