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Rambling About Telling the Truth…Entirely

I’ve been told in the past that the best writing is made by utilizing personal experience and feelings to create a piece charged by emotion.  Well, I may be no expert on utilizing emotions to power my posts, but I think I occasionally do okay, so I’ve devised another brilliant post and here and now I am prepared to share it with you as to better yourself and my writing.  This post is less humorous than the last, but I think it can be enjoyed by many so alas I have typed it out on this empty blog which has seen anything germinate since December 15th.  Strap in!

This post focuses on the seemingly lost art of speaking the truth…entirely.  This message is not simply about keeping lying out of your life, but it goes much further.  It is about telling the truth in every aspect of life.  You don’t just honor the truth by saying a “white lie” or something, but completely speaking one’s mind freely.  It is something which one may seem to think could be found through something such as this blog, but in fact this blog is no more privatized and safe than the pulpit at a religious service.  I’ve already been criticized, blackballed, and hated for things I have said on this and my previous blog.  It is a little frustrating that people do not always speak their minds to me, but even more frustrating is that I cannot speak mine to them.  I have a lot to say, it’s why I created this blog, but honestly I’m held back by political correctness or even my own human nature (a sense of self-preservation).  I’m sure you experience similar things in your everyday of life, but it isn’t as if we expect or enjoy the censorship that our own pride and emotions set upon us.  Examples are rife among us: the inability to tell your friends a devastating secret, the fear of rejection of telling a girl (or guy) how you truly feel, the trepidation due to fear of being regarded as a bastard, the worry which strikes at us if we tell our parents about the wrong we’ve done…need I go on?  Humanity may be the most advanced animal on the Earth, but I think our inability to be entirely honest with each other shows just how far we still have to go before we can truly keep from considering ourselves animals.  How can we claim to be this super specie if we cannot even be at peace with those closest to us?  How do we feel we’re better than the dogs we have as domesticated pets when we decide to avoid leaving ourselves open to each other?  I would never bash mankind to the point where I could labeled a misanthrope, but I do feel there are fundamental weaknesses to us all…unfortunately, much like the governments of today, I am excellent at discerning an issue, but I do not actually contain any answers.  I hypocritically write this, for I am as guilty if not more than anyone who reads this about being a liar through both words, action, inaction, and silence.  Anyway, this was a silly little post where I could kinda just spitball and such.  I hope you get a little enjoyment, thanks!


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