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6 Reasons Why Perfect Cell Should be Everyone’s Dream

I have taken the time to watch Dragonball Z recently.  This show had substantial influence in my childhood and now has taken a toll on my adult life.  My favorite villain (and possibly character) from the show is Cell.  Cell is an android who was created by the evil Doctor Gero.

Pictured: Not Cell

Doctor Gero unleashed Cell because he wanted to destroy the earth.  Interesting reasoning, but little did he know was he was unleashing a character who was literally the greatest thing on the planet.  Eventually the good guys had to beat Cell, I mean it’s kids’ show protocol, but Cell was truly the master character.  Everyone should dream of being cell, and here’s why.
(6) Relentless Drive in Pursuit of Goals:
I forgot to mention that Cell comes from the future.  Yeah, I mean that’s pretty neat.  He came back because in order to gain perfection, Cell must absorb two other androids into his body via tail….observe:  That’s Cell’s first transformation after absorbing one of the two androids, but anyway Cell hails from the past.  Cell traveled back in time in order to absorb the two androids and this brings me to my point, Cell will do anything to gain his perfect form.  In the future the androids had been destroyed, so he traveled back through time.  Cell also takes beating after beating and does anything in order to reach perfection.  If only we could all follow through on our goals so well.

Also relentlessly pursued his goals  

(5) Intelligence/Sophistication
Pretty much a given in today’s society if you want to be successful, Perfect Cell has a plethora of intelligence.  There is proof all-around this android to show his intelligence, but the easiest way is through his language.  Cell has a very complex vocabulary and often will fool the naive with his language.  It is really something.  Then there is Cell’s sophistication.  Cell is the only villain ever in a cartoon series to be presented as being more sophisticated than those he is battling.  Most villains are portrayed as bloodthirsty warmongers.  Cell, however, is a thinking being who enjoys challenges…segue!
(4) Enjoyment in a Challenge/Pride in a Job Well Done/Inability to Settle for Mediocrity
Cell has never backed down from anyway, despite his use of a solar flare technique once, but that proves his intelligence.  Cell wants to face the best, obvious through his bringing forth of the Cell Games Tournament.  Cell cannot wait to face someone who is equal to him, or even better.  Also, Cell has great pride when he accomplishes something, especially when doing it well.  When Cell absorbs Android 18 and completes himself, he is so ecstatic with himself it is nearly unbearable.  Finally there is the fact that Cell will never settle for being second best, no matter what.  He understands there may be someone better, but even when that person appears, Cell finds a way to beat him.  It is truly amazing.

Truly Amazing….like Hope Solo!

(3) Job Security
 Many people frown upon Cell, but to be honest they are probably jealous because Cell has something many people do not, 100% job security.  Cell is indispensable when it comes to being the Super Villain during this time on earth.  There is no one who can take the job from him, no matter what.  The Androids end up being no match for Cell, even though they were supposed to destroy the earth and ruin the future.  Cell cannot be displaced and there is no one to fire Cell from his position.  He is literally on top of the food chain in his place of business, something barely any of us can claim is 100% job security.
(2) Super powers
Let’s be honest, this is pretty much what makes everyone drool.  The ability to fly?  Destroy entire cities with a single blast?  Teleporting?  The ability to breathe in space?  Spontaneous regeneration?  Cell has pretty much every super power there is and some people wouldn’t even think of.  He is a super powered fighting machine of death which can end life by simply lifting a finger.  It is really something to be envied.
(1) Knowing the weaknesses, strengths, and abilities of your enemies and being able to do everything they can do
This would be the best part of being Cell, and when watching the show it is one of the last things someone would see and be jealous of.  Cell knows all the abilities, strengths, and weaknesses of all his enemies.  Thus, Cell has the ability to predict what they can do and take advantage of what they can do.  Also, Cell can do everything his enemies can.  His DNA is made up of the best traits of every fighter on earth, so pretty much he can do everything anyone could dream of.  Your best moves would also be Cell’s best moves, not to mention he’d have the best traits of your friend.  Imagine someone who could shoot the 3 like Larry Bird, score like Michael Jordan, dribble like Derrick Rose, pass like John Stockton, and is the height of Yao Ming with the body of Dwight Howard who can leap like LeBron James….Yeah, and then try stopping him.  It takes pretty much everyone to defeat Cell, and it’s not hard to see why since he is basically everyone

This is Cell


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2 thoughts on “6 Reasons Why Perfect Cell Should be Everyone’s Dream

  1. Perfect Cell is my favourite, as well.

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