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6 Ways Voldemort could’ve been defeated much, much easier

#6 The wizards create a real government, complete with police force:

Everyone who delves into the Harry Potter franchise is aware of the existence of the Ministry of Magic a.k.a. the least effective governmental body excluding the United Nations.  The Ministry is supposedly the head bosses of the wizarding world and maintain control.

I got this

The problem is throughout the course of the novels, the Ministry does nearly nothing except get in the way of Harry and Dumbledore.  The Ministry almost seems to be championing Voldemort.  Now, granted there were corrupted wizards in the Ministry, but if the Ministry was corrupted enough to continuously deny the existence of Voldemort then clearly the issues are deeper than anyone could’ve imagined.  The wizards were far too short-sighted in the creation of the Ministry.  The Minister of Magic is said to be selected democratically, much like the President of the United States…from there all hell breaks loose.  It seems anyone can reach any other position simply by kissing enough ass to make it.  Lucius Malfoy was able to become a high ranking member of the Ministry after serving as a Death Eater.  Also, people can use things like the polyjuice potion and what not to infiltrate the Ministry whenever they please.  I mean Harry, Hermione, and Ron did it like a thousand times, I think.  The Ministry of Magic is more porous than Spongebob.  Honestly, the wizarding community created a government that made the Articles of  Confederation look like the Nazi regime.  The government seemed to have absolutely no power and the main force in fighting against Voldy and his merry band of miscreants ended up being The Order of the Phoenix…a bunch of vigilantes named after a mythical bird.

#5 Involve the Rest of the Wizarding World:

We know other schools of wizards exist thanks to the series’s fourth installment.  Since England and France and wherever Durmstrang is have wizarding schools, we can only imagine wizards exist throughout the world.  There would be Australian wizards and Russian wizards and, the finest of all, American wizards.

And the far less effective Washington Wizards

Alas, when one villain is attempting to conquor the entire world, the U.K.’s wizards just sit there and say, “we got this”.  I mean seriously, as superbly talented as Voldemort clearly is to have pretty much made England’s wizards fall to their knees, he could never hold back the onslaught of hundreds of countries sending wizards at him.  There is bound to be a wizard in American, or China, or Japan who can at least compete with Voldemort since Dumbledore exists in England as well and there is no chance England has produced two absolute prodigies without any other country producing at least one.

Evidence of non-UK domination

I mean if wizards know their history (which apparently they do not study in school, so I guess we may assume too much) they’d know about this guy named Adolf Hitler who also once tried to take over the world, but instead of one country trying to stop the German bastard, they formed this alliance deal and combined to make sure evil did not conquer the planet.

#4 Slytherin Relocation:

Relocation is not a new idea.  Even America used it once during World War II, but that became a dark spot on America’s record.  Now, granted, the Americans had far less reason to suspect the Japanese-Americans during this time than the wizarding world would have to suspect Slytherins.  It seems to be common fact that Slytherins are the skid mark of the wizarding world.  Ron Weasley even says “”There’s not a single witch or wizard who went bad who wasn’t in Slytherin.”  Now, this is obviously an exaggeration.  There are two wizards outside of Slytherin in the novels who are known to be dark: Peter Pettigrew and Quirinus Quirrell from Gryffindor and Ravenclaw respectively.  Aside from those two, it is never known if any other Voldy loyalists are from other houses than Slytherin.  Thus it would make sense to fetter the snake peoples and take them out of the normal populace.  Or at least not give the damn house members a wand.  I mean a wizard is worthless without his or her wand.  Just keep a wand away from the snakes and suddenly they aren’t such formidable opponents.  Seriously, I mean I know it’s against the moral code, but if it means the entire globe is not going to be taken over by Voldemort, I think it’s worth it, at least until the guy is brought to justice.

#3 Harry doesn’t act like an asshole:

If Harry Potter did not saunter around the grounds of Hogwarts in perpetual arrogance, the entire plot of the story would have changed.  I mean what happened in the first three years is fine…even though if he’d just relaxed in the first movie then Voldemort would not have found the Sorcerer’s stone and what not.  The time when Harry just needed to take a step back and relax a little was in the fourth movie.  If Harry had just not entered the Tri-Wizard tournament as the fourth contestant (yeah…Tri-Wizar) then he’d have never ended up in the graveyard , Voldemort would be a scary baby thingy still, and Edward Cullen would still be alive.


Harry just had to be that guy who is too special to say, “Yeah, I mean the rules say I cannot enter, so I guess I won’t”.  I mean people probably should’ve realized something was up when Harry’s name came out of the Goblet when there’s no way he should have had the capability to enter.  What the hell is Dumbledore letting him compete?  How are The Beauxbatons Academy of Magic and the Durmstrang Institute willing to let him compete?  Hogwarts gets to double up?  I’d veto that if I was half-giant lady.  In the end, it is Harry’s inability to do nothing which gives Voldemort new life and cause the wizarding world to engage in another huge war…well, the English wizarding world (once again, just the English).

#2 Involve the muggle community:

Being a muggle myself, I feel like anyone is obligated to tell me when the world is in danger of being taken over by a lunatic with no nose.  The wizards, however, devote huge amounts of energy in order to suppress the knowledge of the civil war happening in magic land.  It may have behooved the good guys, however, to have informed us of the little war going on so that we could’ve, I don’t know, nuked Voldemort to Timbuktu.

All the way to Timbuktu

I mean, I know Voldemort can  teleport or whatever, but how’s a bout lining up a firing squad of assault rifle bearing army guys right aside Hogwarts and when Voldy shows up, they open fire on him.  It’s harder than one might think to keep one’s cool and react quickly enough to gunfire to wave a wand and say a spell.  I mean muggles might not be able to cast spells, but we do have arms which 1) don’t rely on the power of a wand 2) can fire more than one deadly blast at a time and 3) are pretty badass.  I’d like to see Voldemort take a Barrett-50 cal to the chest and try to continue his little rebellion. 


#1 Use the Time-Turner:

Remember how Hermione gets the Time-Turner from Albus in order to take multiple classes during her third-year and then she and Harry use it to rescue Sirius Black?  Okay, now do the same thing, but instead, go back in time and kill Voldemort and fix every other problem the world has ever faced.


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6 thoughts on “6 Ways Voldemort could’ve been defeated much, much easier

  1. If they used the Time-Turner then they could save Harry’s parents, thus making Harry an ordinary kid. So, since Harry is just like everyone else there is no story. Using the Time-Turner would then make the entire series null-and-void.

  2. The time turner was the best solution. Did you watch “how harry potter should have ended?” by Hishe on youtube? They used that solution.

    • Yadam Bross on said:

      Never seen it, but I’ll check it out. I mean the little thing could fix any problem, it’s nonsensical to never use it except for the one time. It was a mistake by JK to even introduce it.

  3. Harry didn’t enter the tri-wizard tournament. Barty Crouch Jr. put his name in under a fourth school so his name had to be chosen along with the other three wizards.

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