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WALK THE MOON: the best band of which you’ve never seen.

Ladies and gentlemen, I have been to the Great Wall of China.  I have seen the Pyramids of Egypt.  I’ve even witnessed a grown man satisfy a camel.  All the magnificence withheld in the three splendors I’ve stated flinch when forced to try and stand up against a live performance by the Cincinnati native band named WALK THE MOON.

Having seen numerous bands in my lifetime, it is shocking to say that four men who paint their faces for each show have blown the others out of the water.  A live show which will leave you sweating more than replays of Gordan Heywards last second shot against Duke, WALK THE MOON absolutely knocks out a concert experience.  From the opening notes of the opener of choice (whether it be “The Liftaway” or “Quesadilla”) to the above mentioned “Anna Sun”‘s closing keyboard compilation, WALK THE MOON will leave your heart racing, lungs gasping, and mind slaughtered.  Sure, it may not be the more popular sound of music, but that is something which makes these boys even more special.  They play a style of music they love and play it in a way they love.  Their songs “Iscariot” and “I Can Lift A Car” aren’t being broadcasted on Kiss 107.1 or 101.1…The Wiz, but the band enjoys busting out every note of theirusually high energy, ball-busting music.  Watching a show by these guys let’s an audience witness a group of musicians not playing for cash or considerations, but playing simply to have a damn good time.  It’s the energy levels on the stage.  When a group leaves drenched just as much as 200 people piled into a mosh pit in the middle of 20th Century Theatre; the group is putting every last ounce into a show.  Seriously, my friends Murph, Ben, and Sarah tried like devils to get my ass off the couch and fingers away from the computer screen to go and see this band.  My protests were in vain and eventually we piled into a crowded little room to watch WALK THE MOON go to work.  It has become one of my life’s defining moments.  WALK THE MOON has become something special to me and I must bestow gratitude toward the three people mentioned above for bringing the four men of WALK THE MOON (lead vocals/keyboard Nicholas Petricca, vocals/bass Kevin Ray, vocals/drums Sean Waugaman, vocals/guitar Eli Maiman) into my life.  I implore you to check these men out….you will not be disappointed.


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