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College Football Preseason:

Here’s a quick run-down of my Top 10 teams this season.  I figure since the people on ESPN get to make a list then why not me?

#10 Wisconsin: My national title pick in 2010 and my Rose Bowl pick last year.  The Badgers have disappointed me of late.  Montee Ball deserves to be the preseason Heisman favorite.  Hopefully his face is okay after being mugged.

#9 West Virginia: They absolutely murdered Clemson in the Orange Bowl last year.  Dana Holgorsen’s aerial attack will fit in nicely in the Big-12.  West Virginia will be capable of winning the Big-12 and thus still high in the rankings.

#8 Florida State: One of the most disappointing teams of 2011-2012.  I picked Florida State to play Wisconsin in the National Title…eek

#7 South Carolina: The Old Ball Coach continues to improve the Gamecocks.  Cannot help to put as many SEC teams in the top 10 as possible.  South Carolina should watch out, because even in the top 10 an SEC team is capable of losing 4 or 5 games in a season.

#6 Arkansas: Remember when the Pigs were #3 at one point last year?  The world’s biggest scumbag Bobby Petrino is out of Fayetteville after being caught having an affair with a female employee…basically he’s a gutless bastard (to quote Mike Zimmer).  Anyway, Tyler Wilson, described by some as being better than Ryan Mallet, is back and the Hog’s air strike will be reering it again.

#5 Oregon: Someone needs to just tell Chip Kelly not to put too much faith in his kicker this year and he might actually find himself in the National Title game…of course USC is really fusking good this year.

#4 Georgia: This list needs a little more SEC, don’t you think?  Georgia should be really good, but just like every other year, some SEC teams are going to fall off just because the league is too damn good.  While Georgia shouldn’t, they might.

#3 Louisiana State: losing Tyrann Matthieu and still being #3 shows how good LSU could be this year.  If they find a Quarterback between Robert Bolden and Zach Mettenberger who can actually toss the pig-skin, they could be the best team in the land.

#2 USC: they should be amazing.  I hate Lane Kiffin despite how hot his wife is, but I give the man credit.  He can definitely build a football team, especially one that was mired in some shit just a few years ago.  Welcome back to bowl qualification, USC!

#1 Alabama: until proven otherwise.


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