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Who will and who should win this year’s awards in Major League Baseball:

The “MLB Delivery Man/Rolaids Relief Man” awards:

These awards are separate, but both are presented to the “best relief pitcher in the MLB”.  The RRM is presented to a player in each league whilst the MLB DM award is given to only one player.  Just to show they are actually connected, the Tigers’ Jose Valverde was the recipient of both awards.  John Axford won the RRM award in the National League….

Who will win:

Rolaids Relief Man: Aroldis Chapman, Cincinnati Reds (National League) and Fernando Rodney, Tampa Rays (The other one)

Who should win:

Those two guys above.  no exciting disagreement yet.  Chapman and Rodney have been disgustingly dominant.  Chapman has given up 1 run in months not named June and Rondey’s E.R.A. has sunk below .80 in recent days.  These two guys have been mauling hapless batters all year.  Watching Chapman pitch makes one feel sorry for the man in the batter’s box.

Comeback Player of the Year Award:

I always wonder want qualifies one to be making a comeback?  Does having a shitty year and then returning to form qualify?  Or should one have to be coming back from a tragic incident and then have a pretty good year?  I guess I’ll just try to go with a weird hybrid of the two…tough award to call.

Who will win:

Ryan Ludwick OF, Cincinnati Reds (NL) Adam Dunn DH, Chicago White Sox (The one with the obnoxiously good batting stats).

Who should win:

Buster Posey C, San Francisco Giants and then zee Dunna!  So Dunn earns the check from me as well, but Ludwick has been talked about as the favorite recently.  Posey, however, is more deserving.  While Ludwick has been relatively awful since his all-star season; Posey was slaughted at home plate last season.  His leg cracked and he was out for the year.  This season, Posey has made himself into somewhat of an MVP candidate and the best player on a playoff caliber team.

Hank Aaron Award:

It’s for the best hitter in the league…supposedly.  The way I look at it, since Jose Bautista was the recipient last year, all you gotta do is bust out a fuck load of home runs and you’ve got it locked up.

Who will win:

Ryan Braun OF, Milwaukee Brewers (NL), Josh Hamilton OF, Texas Rangers (catching on??)

Who should win:

Andrew McCutchen, Pittsburgh Pirates and Hamilton.  I can never pick Ryan Braun for anything because he’s a cheating bastard who deserves to be expelled from the MLB for being a douxhe and acting innocent because he got lucky steroid people cannot do their jobs.  Thus the .340+ batting, 20+ home run hitting and potential 100 RBI guy McCutchen gets my pick.  Hamilton is just too damn good and a grade A badass.

Manager of the Year:

Despite what it seems, this award is for the coaches.  You may not see them because the managers actually wear the uniforms like the players they coach which is absolutely ridiculous.  I mean really?  Imagine a football coach in full pads.  Well Sean Payton may not be totally opposed.

Who will win:

Davey Johnson, Washington Nationals (guess) and Buck Showalter, Baltimore Orioles (hmmm)

Who should win:

Davey and co-winners Showalter and Oakland Athletic’s manager Bob Melvin.  The Orioles and A’s were probably picked to combine for 200 losses this year.  Now, the teams are atop the wild cards standings in the American League.  It’s the craziest stuff ever….the Orioles also have a -35 run differential but have won 74 out of 133 games…The Red Sox are 13 games worse and have a +2 run differential.

Rookie of the Year:

This award is given to the best 1st year player.  It may seem like Mike Trout and Bryce Harper are the only two rookies in their respective leagues this year, but there are other options, I swear.

Who will win:

Bryce Harper OF, Washington Nationals and Mike Trout OF, Los Angeles Angels

Who should win:

Todd Frazier, Cincinnati Reds and Trout.  Frazier is better than Harper in nearly every category.  Harper only wins because he is apparently a goddamn celebrity.  He made the all-star team?  That was a laugh riot.  Frazier’s top three stats (batting average/home runs/RBI’s) are .292/18/62 at this point and Harper’s are /254/15/45…hmm.  Trout has been a freak and is a legitimate MVP candidate.

Cy Young Award:

While this award is given to the best pitcher in each league, notice there is no individual award for the best starting pitcher, but there is one for the best reliever..actually two.  Basically, this is given to each league’s best starting pitcher.

Who will win:

R.A. Dickey, New York Mets and David Price, Tampa Rays

Who should win:

Johnny Cueto, Cincinnati Reds and Felix Hernandez, Seattle Mariners.  The American league is more of a toss up.  Price and Hernandez both have the stats to win the award, but King Felix tossed a perfect game so  he edges out Price here.  The writers and others pick Price because his team is better.  Cueto deserves the award more than the knuckling Dickey, but the fact is Dickey is getting the hype and that helps just as much as the stats sometimes.

MVP Award:

Please rename this award the “best position player award” before I vomit.  Justin Verlander won the AL edition last year as a pitcher, but the NL hasn’t seen a pitcher win since 1968 and the AL last saw one in 1982 before Verlander.

Who will win:

Ryan Braun OF, Milwaukee Brewers and Josh Hamilton OF, Texas Rangers

Who should win:

Johnny Cueto SP, Cincinnati Reds and Mike Trout OF, Los Angeles Angels.   The Reds are the best team in baseball at this moment and this has all been done without 2010 MVP Joey Votto and Cueto has been the best pitcher in the Majors since Votto went down.  He has the MLB’s lowest earned run average (ERA) and just keeps winning.  I could definitely see Hamilton taking his second award, but with my appreciation for a lead-off hitter, I’d like to see Trout win.  Batting in a “not-so-run-producing” spot in the lineup, Trout has knocked in 74 runs, has stolen 42 bases, and has scored 107 runs (16 more than the next guy).  His .333 average leads the AL at this point and his has also fired 25 homers so far.  Perhaps Mike Trout’s most impressive stat…he is second in OPS (on-base plus slugging) behind the powerful and very strong Miguel Cabrera.


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