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My Vote is Going to Count by ZachaReid

Article written by ZachaReid


In a campaign such as the current one, both parties are at each other’s throats, inflaming the public with smear tactics that we all know are 99% lies. Even in the debates, anyone with a brain can see that each idea is put into precisely calculated words just to secure the largest amount of votes. Elections like this polarize the country: you’ve got those “stupid big government communist liberals” and those “selfish, middle-class murdering, stepping on the poor conservatives.” With all of this separation between party lines, the issues begin to get a little fuzzy. Honestly, I’ve watched all the debates. The only thing I can tell you is that Obama inherited a tough economy so it’s not his fault/Obama promised to reduce the debt and increased it, Obama created millions of jobs for the American people/he only created meaningless temporary public sector jobs, and Romney is a little conniving rich boy who makes money by stepping on the “99%”/Romney has business experience so he can eliminate all of our debt and deficit. It’s damn near impossible to actually learn anything about the issues unless you do research that digs much deeper than what the media teaches. Upon doing so, I’ve come to a personal conclusion: both candidates are terrible, and therefore I refuse to vote for either of them. The rest of this article explains why I will not be wasting my vote in the 2012 election.

Both candidates are perfect “party” representatives.

Politics is a dangerous game played by dangerous people. If you’re an honest person and are looking to get into politics, I wish you the best of luck. But when it comes down to the Republicans or the Democrats choosing who they wish to place on the ballot, it comes down to who has the greatest chance of winning.

Barack Obama fit the slot perfectly for the Democrats in 2008: he attracted the diverse population by straying away from the aged standard of “powerful white man”. He gave “hope” to not only to those struggling in the failing economy, but hope for the powerless minorities that they could one day achieve the American Dream. He is a charismatic, smooth talker who is just moderate enough to attract voters in between, but just liberal enough to lock the votes of those ultra-democrats.

And now Romney in 2012: in a broken economy where we went through 4 more years in a continuing downward economic spiral, why wouldn’t we go back to the classic powerful white man stature that had been working all along? Pick a shrewd businessman who is known for crunching numbers and balancing budgets in a time when the debt crisis is reaching a critical point. Makes perfect sense.

These candidates are hand-carved by their parties to get as many votes as possible just so the party can lock up the white house. I contest that this method is horribly flawed; instead of a candidate who will work for what’s best for the nation, the system is built to create people who do what’s best for the nation under the party’s strong fisted control. While this system hurts the people who don’t fall directly into a party, it seems like there can never be any other way but to tolerate it, and do with it what you can.

For you people who are true blooded republicans or democrats, I respect your choice to vote for these men, because they will create the American you want to see. In almost every case, it makes perfect sense because the man represents what you want. In this system though, it almost makes more sense for the ballot not to read “Obama or Romney”, but rather “Republican of Democrat”.  For me, I fall in between. I refuse to place my vote for a party because my views don’t align. By voting third party, I’m stating this fact.

If we allow the system to continue, nothing will ever change.

As I said, I’m neither a fully conservative or fully liberal man. There are almost an equal amount of policies from each that I don’t agree with. So why should I vote for someone who will bring the country to a place I personally don’t feel is best?

The whole purpose of a democratic voting system is to allow the people to voice their opinion and make a change in their country—to essentially play a role in history. I refuse to vote for either of these candidates because honestly, they suck. That is my opinion. Clearly, not the mindset of all, but I, like a few other people, have this opinion. This November, I will be voicing my opinion, which as of right now is the greatest power I have in my country. By voting for one party or another, I would be lying to myself in saying this is the man who can create the best America possible.

Now I know there are many of you out there that think, your candidate has no chance of winning, so why even bother? This is the exact separation point in opinion between me and these people. My philosophy is that the ends don’t justify the means. To me, how you get to a certain point is just as, if not more important than the outcome. Every person is comprised of each decision he makes, not their outcomes. In voting for an honest third party candidate who shares my same ideas, I am saying that he will be the best man for the job, and not “he will be better than the next most likely candidate to win.”

If my vote doesn’t go to someone who could eventually make a difference in the country, and I use it to continue the never-ending battle between two polarized mentalities, I would be hindering his progress. I refuse to vote for the lesser of two evils. If everyone who feels the way I feel voted accordingly, there could be a change in the Republican v Democrat ultimate showdown. A change can actually happen.

Don’t believe me? Ross Perot in 1992 ran as an Independent and won nearly 20% of the votes. Ask old man Bush if he feels that that these votes didn’t matter.

Even if the election result doesn’t directly change from third party’s votes, if enough people vote for a certain third-party candidate, don’t you think the man who is voted into the Oval Office will consider these people’s ideas? As previously stated, these politicians are trained vote-getters. If 1 out of every 5 people voted for someone, the President must act in a way to please these people’s interests to maybe get their approval.

I’m not saying I am right in my political beliefs. I respect every else’s opinions and their reasons for voting a certain way. I’m only saying that I believe neither Obama nor Romney will create the America I’d like to see. You know what I want? I’d like to see a debate revolve around questions that show if the candidate is fit to make the tough, morally right decisions as opposed to the cutthroat tactics aimed to incite the media and attain votes. I’d like to see the candidates’ response to the question, “If you had concrete evidence that a better America would be created if your opponent won, would you drop from the race?” I want a President who answers yes to this question. I want a President who would look me in the face, tell me about the type of American he is trying to create, and not using calculated language or dishonesty to sway me. I want an honest man who will do the right thing, as opposed to the politically correct thing. By voting for my third party candidate, I will be doing what I believe is the right thing to do. I will support a man who best follows these philosophies, as I hold them as my own. If you believe that either Barack Obama of Mitt Romney will lead to the best American possible, I implore you to vote for him. But I believe otherwise. I’m not going to support him in this article by even saying his name because I want you to develop your own opinion. This is simply to urge you to explore your own beliefs and hold true to them. In this 2012 election, I will be doing what I believe is right by my country. My vote is going to count.


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2 thoughts on “My Vote is Going to Count by ZachaReid

  1. jeffreyd on said:

    Is Jim Gaffigan running? Hot pockets…

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