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Tonight’s Presidential Debate Drinking Game’s Rules:

Pick a candidate (does not necessarily have to be for whom you plan to vote)

To get started:

–          If your candidate is wearing a red tie, take 2 drinks

–          If your candidate is wearing a blue tie, take 1 drink

–          Take a drink if your candidate is wearing an American flag pin

–          Take a drink if your candidate’s first words are “Thank you” or “I’d like to start off by thanking”

Take a drink every time your candidate says anything on his list

If you are drinking to
Barack Obama:Governor Romney

Osama Bin Laden

Bob Schieffer (or just Bob)

Just isn’t true

Let me be clear



General Motors


Defense Spending

Nuclear Weapons

The Troops (or Soldiers)

Big Bird

Ended the war in Iraq


If you are drinking to
Mitt Romney:My plan



5 Trillion





Foreign Oil

Brave Men and Women

Rose Garden





Also, no matter which candidate you’re drinking for, drink if:

–          If a candidate has any type of numbered or multi-step plan – Take one drink for each number.

–          Take a drink for each smirk, awkward grin, or laugh

–          Drink each time President Obama talks about a random story about helping a family

–          Drink each time Mitt Romney mentions the state of Massachusetts

–          Drink each time a candidate interrupts his opponent

–          Drink for each punch thrown during the debate


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