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Cute Pictures of my Dogs:

Due to the lack of support in recent days, I have decided to pull out all the stops.  This article will feature nothing but cute pictures of my dog Rudy and my late dog Ginger.


Try to not browse the article, muhahaha.

Rudy rests next to a chair:

This isn’t the greatest picture, but not a bad start, right?  I mean look how cute Rudy is!  Don’t you just want to snuggle with the big ‘ol fatty?  He seriously weighs so much!  Like at least 100 pounds!  He weighs too much to play bandit football at the grade school level!  But isn’t he just a cutie?!

Ginger lies her head on the leg of our kitchen table:

Bim is far more photogenic than Rudy.  Somehow she always managed to look cute in her pictures.  I mean like actually cute.  We have some really awesome photos.  I wish they were on my computer so I could share them with the world.  Alas you will have to settle for the pictures I have, but fear not for they are also cute!

Rudy hangs out with a stuffed Pikachu:

Seriously, Rudy picked up the Pikachu and was laying down with it in his mouth.  I decided to take advantage and place the Pikachu next him.  Clearly he was not too amused.  He looks angry that he is no longer chewing on Pikachu.  Doesn’t he look upset?  He’s such a drama king.

Ginger licks a yogurt cup dry:

After I finish my yogurts, it became commonplace to give the container to one of the two dogs because they would lick the remaining food out of the container.  They enjoyed strawberry yogurt the most and Ginger really got into licking this one in particular.

Rudy looks down the steps at me:

Rudy makes a really cute fat face when he’s looking down at you from the steps.  Clearly the opportunity for the picture needed to be taken advantage of and so the picture was born.  I know it’s a little blurry, but shut up because it’s still cute and you know you aww’ed when you saw the photo and then laughed because you remembered my fat comments about Rudy in the first picture.

Ginger goes to sleep on a pillow:

This is one of my favorite pictures ever.  I don’t know why, but for some reason it is just something I find amazing.  The picture is a profile shot of Ginger going to sleep on a pillow.  Honestly what isn’t cute about that?  Dogs doing people things is awesome.  It’s why the best commercials feature animals doing people things.  Like the Doritos commercial where the dog keeps giving the guy Doritos?  Priceless!

Rudy goes to sleep upside down:

Rudy doesn’t really know how to sleep.  I know, seriously what an idiot.  Stupid dog, not knowing how to sleep!  Whenever he does he kinda just flips over and ends up on his back and is all contorted and funny.  It happens without fail and has supplied better quality photos than the one I am forced to post.

Ginger sleeps on her bed:

Doesn’t it look like Bim is smiling in this one?  She looks like a little clown dog thingy!  A little frightening since clowns are…you know, frightening as hell.  Anyway, I always pictured Bim smiling in this one.  I think she was happy just to get a nap because she lived a hard life of eating, getting pet, and going for walks.  Awwww, Ginger!!  🙂


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One thought on “Cute Pictures of my Dogs:

  1. Mommers on said:

    I just loved this blog. Thank you for bringing Our Sweet Gingerbread back to me. Hey, and Rudy is not fat he is just big boned….a whole lot of dog.
    Love you sweetie…keep writing.

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