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2012: Welcome to the Forum of BCS Advocates (FBA)

Welcome back to the Forum of BCS advocates…it’s still just myself sitting here in my world of love for the BCS system, but eventually someone may join me on planet “What the fuck is he thinking?”.  While loneliness is nothing to be proud of, my one man regime is proudly laughing at the world today as college football prepares to unveil its bundle of joy in just two short years.  Why am I so joyous when the BCS seems to once again be panicking with all these damnable one-loss teams eager to get to say “Why didn’t I go to the National Championship Game?  I would’ve won!”…simply because 2012 proves how obnoxiously futile a 4-team playoff really is.  Imagine a 4-team playoff…it would most likely end with Notre Dame, Alabama, Florida, and….Oregon?  Kansas State?  At least the Wildcats may represent the champions of their conference.  Wait, Florida did not even make it to the SEC Championship Game!  Clearly we need a new team there!  LSU?  I mean the Tigers have two losses and since Georgia (hypothetically) lost to Bama, so do the dawgs!  Do we dare place a 2-loss SEC team ahead of a 1-loss SEC team (even a Georgia team that went to the championship and also beat Florida on neutral turf this year)?  Could Stanford make it to the 4-team playoff assuming they beat UCLA?  I mean the Cardinal only lost to Washington and Notre Dame (in OT in South Bend) and would be the Pac-12 Champs….see what I’m getting at here, people?  You complain for eons about how terrible the BCS system is, but honestly there is no end to the incessant grumbling by teams about being snubbed.  Hell, the NCAA tournament has 64….wait….68 teams and programs are still grumbling year-after-year about not earning an invitation to the world’s longest and most entertaining dance.  What makes people assume a playoff will end the controversy which the current BCS system produces?  All the 4-team playoff has accomplished is make the decisions and games toward the end of the year less meaningful and less perilous for those playing.  People want a larger tournament, so let’s say 8 teams by 2016.  That means Georgia could lose the SEC title game and still earn a spot in the playoff.  The Bulldogs were slaughtered by South Carolina in Columbia; however, they would most likely earn the berth over the Gamecocks.  People don’t seem to appreciate how awesome the parody created by the BCS system is.  The argument for a playoff is so standard that it sometimes creeps into my nightmares and I resort to insomnia rather than listen to the drivel which is sputtered by the masses.  “It’s not fair!  My team went 11-1 and all!  Why didn’t we get the opportunity?”  The fact of the matter is, as I have already talked about, the BCS makes the college football regular season more important than the any other regular season in sports.  Imagine if an NFL team had to go undefeated to play in the Super Bowl?  Imagine if a baseball team could not allow a hitter to “bat out of a slump” because losing too many games would result in no championship opportunity?  I know a BCS-esque system in professional sports is mularky and impossible to consider with the revenue success of present playoff systems (The almighty dollar!), but knowing the Forum will one day be reduced to a “Remember the good ‘ol days?” rather than the proud and undeniably entertained faction of today brings more tears to my eyes than Mufasa’s death in the Lion King…okay exaggeration, but it hits home!  Soon, people may respect us here in the Forum.  It is a day which I seethe in anticipation, but not to mutter “I told you so”.  I only wish for people to recall how fruitfully intriguing the BCS made the regular season.  It will be a day when someone is watching their favorite team play when they’re 11-0 and not even sweat because, “Hey, we have a berth in the 8-team playoff pretty much locked up”.  While teams of the opposing side regard the upset as nothing more than a moral victory, more bittersweet than this transient life we are already forced to undertake.  We here at the Forum are toasting another year of BCS-caused drama.  As the rest of the world tearfully cheers the arrival of a true college football playoff system; we only soak in the remaining days of college football having a regular season like no other.  The lights flicker in the Forum, because the electric bill doesn’t cross our minds too often.  So are the troubles knowing only two years remain on one’s lifetime.  Be proud of your 4-team playoff, but when your team is ranked #5, please don’t email the Forum, because it will no longer subsist.


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