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Picking the minor bowls:

Having to do research to pick all of these games would be obnoxious.  I’m using only what I know about the teams on the surface, so my picks could end up being quite awful.  A reminder to all readers, my updated record can be found on the right-hand on the screen.  Don’t be offended by my frank analysis, it’s simply college football dialysis.

Gliden New Mexico Bowl: Arizona (7-5) versus Nevada (7-5)

The Wildcats lost to mostly good teams and Arizona State.  Nevada lost to mostly good teams and South Florida.  It’s going to be a tight game, but here’s what I’m throwing out there:

Line: Arizona gives 10; O/U: 73; My Pick: Arizona 43 over Nevada 31

Famous Idaho Potato: Utah State (10-2) versus Toledo (9-3)

Two of three losses by Toledo?  Arizona and BCS bound Northern Illinois.  The Rockets also beat a good Cincy team.  Utah State is actually a great team.  #TeamChuckie

Line: Utah State gives 10; O/U: 59; My Pick: Utah State 31 beats Toledo 27

Poinsettia: BYU (7-5) versus San Diego State (9-3)

BYU has the nation’s fifth best scoring defense?  Anyway, this game is in San Diego.

Line: BYU gives 2.5 ;O/U: 52; My Pick: San Diego State 27 beats BYU 20

Beef O’Brady’s: Ball State (9-3) versus UCF (9-4)

Central Florida went to C-USA championship game and Ball State didn’t go to the MAC Championship game…all I know.

Line: UCF gives 7.5; O/U: 60; My Pick: Ball State beats Central Florida 34-33

R+L Carrier’s: East Carolina (8-4) versus Lafayette (8-4)

Did these teams play any other D-1 schools?  I think Lafayette played Florida and lost by like 7 or 8?

Line: Lafayette gives 4.5; O/U: 67; My Pick: Lafayette beats East Carolina 48-10

MAACO: Boise State (10-2) versus Washington (7-5)

Picking against Boise in bowl game?  Never wise.  Washington lost to Washington State….

Line: Boise State gives 7.5; O/U: 46; My Pick: Boise State beats Washington 42-38 in OT!

Hawaii: SMU (6-6) versus Fresno State (9-3)

Ummmm…doesn’t June Jones coach SMU?

Line: Fresno gives 11.5; O/U: 62; My Pick: SMU beats Fresno State 31-22

Little Caesar’s Pizza Western Kentucky (7-5) versus Central Michigan (6-6)

I have a friend that goes to Central Michigan….no allegiance to Western Kentucky

Line: WKU gives 6; O/U: 57; My Pick: Central Michigan beats WKU 17-13

Military: San Jose State (10-2) versus Bowling Green (8-4)

The Spartans are awesome this year!  Don’t doubt because they are ready to beat down BGSU.

Line: SJSU gives 7.5; O/U: 49.5; My Pick: San Jose State beats Bowling Green 49-20

Belk:? Cincinnati (9-3) versus Duke (6-6)

I’m originally from Cincinnati…

Line: Cincy gives 11; O/U: 56.5; My Pick: Cincinnati beats Duke 30-20

Holiday: Baylor (7-5) versus UCLA (9-4)

The Bruins made the Pac-12 Championship game…but in the south this year that means almost as little as it did last year.  Baylor is awesome and will score so many points…they’ll at least cover the spread

Line: UCLA gives 10; O/U: 78; My Pick: UCLA beats Baylor 66-63 in 2OT!

Independence: Ohio (8-4) versus UL Monroe (8-4)

UL Monroe became one of my darlings after beatin Arkansas and nearly topping Auburn (neither victory looks too great now)…but I am from Ohio…

Line: UL Monroe gives 6; O/U: 59; My Pick: Ohio beats UL Monroe 21-20

Russel Athletic: Rutgers (9-3) versus Va-Tech (6-6)

Usually I am a Va-Tech proponent and often see them winning the ACC Coastal.  Luckily my college football preview didn’t happen this year or I’d look like an ass.  Rutgers was mashed by Kent State and isn’t playing its best ball.

Line: Virginia Tech gives 1; O/U 43; My Pick: Va-Tech beats Rutgers 20-10

Texas Bowl?: Minnesota (6-6) versus Texas Tech (7-5)

The Red Raiders are a good ball club.  They looked great against West Virginia earlier this season and have competed against the best of the Big-12.  Minnesota was the undefeated longer than all Big Ten teams not Ohio State and Northwestern…

Line: Texas Tech gives 13; O/U: 57; My Pick: Texas Tech beats Minnesota 35-17

Armed Forces: Rice (6-6) versus Air Force (6-6)

Air Force runs the option and Rice probably isn’t very good.

Line: Rice gives 1; O/U 59; My Pick: Air Force beats Rice 23-14

Pinstripe: West Virginia (7-5) versus Syracuse (7-5)

West Virginia gets to face an old Big East foe.  They rocked the Cuse like a hurricane last year, but the Orange looked impressive in conference play…but they’re in the Big East…

Line: West Virginia gives 3.5; O/U: 67; My Pick: West Virginia beats Syracuse 56-31

Fight Hunger: Navy (7-4*) versus Arizona State (7-5)

Navy gets an asterisk because it hasn’t played Army up to this point.  Navy runs the triple-option and Arizona State is an air raid.  Like seriously though?

Line: No line; O/U: 55; My Pick: Arizona State beats Navy 31-21

Alamo Bowl: Oregon State (9-3) versus Texas (8-4)

One of the potentially better bowl games this year, the Horns have looked awesome, but if David Ash is looking on will they be the same?  Beavers have been fantastic on the road and this is a basically a road affair.

Line: Oregon State gives 1; O/U: 60; My Pick: Oregon State beats Texas 17-13

BW3’s: TCU (7-5) versus Michigan State (6-6)

MSU is way better than 6-6…we think here, but obviously the facts are facts and Sparty has played bad football this year.  Th Horned Frogs have looked good (namely against Texas/Oklahoma/West Virginia) and bad (Iowa State/Kansas/Oklahoma State).

Line: TCU gives 1; O/U: 42.5; My Pick: Michigan State beats TCU 19-14

Music City: North Carolina State (7-5) versus Vanderbilt (8-4)

Was the last time Vandy went to a bowl game when Cutler was there?  5-3 in the SEC makes me a believer.

Line: Vandy gives 5; O/U:52; My Pick: Vanderbilt beats NC State 31-10

Sun: Georgia Tech (6-7) versus USC (7-5)

The Ramblin’ Wreck is below .500 and despite having little motivation, USC should at least want to send Barkley out a winner.

Line: Southern Cal gives 10.5; O/U: 66; My Pick: USC beats Ga-Tech 45-23

Liberty: Iowa State (6-6) versus Tulas (10-3)

Two of my favorite upset picks…Tulsa is 10-3?  They might actually have a pretty strong team.  They won their conference!

Line: Tulsa gives 3; O/U: 52.5; My Pick: Tulsa beats Iowa State 28-20

Chick-fil-A: Louisiana State (10-2) versus Clemson (10-2)

How is the Chick-fil-A bowl so awesome every year?  I blame the excess of SEC excellence and the perennial one-BCS-bowler from the ACC.  Remember Clemson in the Orange Bowl last year?  Tajh is my boy, but it was ugly.

Line: LSU gives 3; O/U: 57; My Pick: LSU beats Clemson 24-20

Heart of Dallas: Purdue (6-6) versus Oklahoma State (7-5)

The Cowboys aren’t a bad team and I think Purdue is.  Purdue allowed OSU back-up Kenny Guiton to lead a 4th Quarter comeback.

Line: Oklahoma State gives 17.5; O/U: 69; My Pick: Oklahoma State beats Purdue 50-21

Gator: Mississippi State (8-4) versus Northwestern (9-3)

Both teams have looked really good at points this year.  It’s always hard to pick against the SEC, but Mississippi State hasn’t looked good against good teams…only awful teams.

Line: Mississippi State gives 2; O/U: 52; My Pick: Northwestern beats Mississippi State 28-17

Capital One: Georgia (11-2) versus Nebraska (10-3)

More coming on my opinion on Georgia being in this bowl later.  Nebraska was womped by Wisconsin.  You have to question the Bulldogs mentality when they were 3 yards short of the BCS Title game.

Line: Georgia gives 8.5; O/U: 57; My Pick: Georgia beats Nebraska 48-20

Outback: Michigan (8-4) versus South Carolina (10-2)

I don’t know who decided the Big Ten and SEC should play so many games against each other.  The Big ten must hate it.  This may be the SEC’s 5th best club going up against possibly the Big Ten’s 3rd and the Wolverines are not in a good way.

Line: South Carolina gives 4.5; O/U: 48; My Pick: South Carolina beats Michigan 35-17

Cotton: Oklahoma (10-2) versus Texas A&M (10-2)

This game is better than most of the BCS bowls.  Two great teams playing who in most years could have been BCS bound.  Oklahoma looked bad against the two best teams they played this year.  A&M?  They beat Bama,

Line: Texas A&M gives 3; O/U: 70; My Pick: Texas A&M beats Oklahoma 56-49 in OT

Compass: Ole Miss (6-6) versus Pittsburgh (6-6)

Honestly Pitt has looked awful at times this year.  I haven’t seen Ole Miss in action, but they only beat Mississippi State, Auburn, and Arkansas in conference this year.

Line: Ole Miss gives 2; O/U: 51.5: My Pick: Ole Miss beats Pittsburgh 28-27 Arkansas State (9-3) versus Kent State (11-2)

Kent State would be in a BCS bowl had they beaten Northern Illinois.  The Red Wolves win a lot when I simulate in NCAA’13; although, I’ve never had them face the Golden Flash.

Line: no line; O/U: 62; My Pick: Kent State beats Arkansas State 31-27

There you have it folks.  Now you know.  All Lines and O/U’s taken from this website:


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  1. Will
    Ole Miss is going to beat the pants off Pitt. Mark my words

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