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BCS Special Article Northern Illinois: 00:00

Nothing Northern Illinois players, coaches, or fans can say will aid in the silencing of critics of the Huskies’ crashing of the BCS party.  Nothing the critics of the Huskies’ can say will aid in the silencing of Northern Illinois players, coaches, and fans about how this team is not to be trifled with come New Years Day.  Talk?  Some would say talk is cheap; however, talk is so worthless to call talk cheap is an insult to McDonald’s burgers and Mort Goldman.  Nothing is proven by statistics and nothing is proven by projections.  Nothing is proven by talk.


Northern Illinois would not have known the national spotlight during the 2012-2013 college football season if it was placed directly above the NIU Convocation Center.  The bright light would have been as foreign as tying to Donovan McNabb.  Granted, the spotlight does shine brightly over the Huskies now, and the virgin national attention has left the Huskies with nothing but skeptics.  There are so few believers in Northern Illinois that the team has fallen back to the only defense it possibly could: “Wait until the game”.  Fans, coaches, and players from Northern Illinois have repeatedly mentioned the Huskies solid 2012 season and how the doubters in the team’s ability to beat Florida State is entirely unwarranted.  The Huskies point to victory against a good Kent State team in the MAC Championship game…a team which lost to seasonal SEC bottom feeder Kentucky 47-14.  Perhaps the undefeated season in the MAC is enough to convince you of Northern Illinois being in the Orange Bowl?  Their eight regular season conference wins did come by an average of 30.125 points.  I mean we expect any BCS power to be winning by so much against lowly conference schools, so Northern Illinois did right there; however, against teams with a .500 or winning record, that margin of victory slips to eleven.  Also, MAC schools’ records against BCS conference opponents this season?…8-20.  The MAC record against BCS schools’ with .500 or winning records?…3-13 and Northern Illinois did not have one of those wins.  Northern Illinois best win out of conference was against the Kansas Charlie Weis BMIs which finished an abysmal 1-11 including 0-11 against FBS opponents and incurred a -21.6 differential in losses.  All-in-all, Northern Illinois should be pointing no where except the date January first, because nothing on its résumé except a #15 ranking in the BCS suggests this is a BCS Bowl team. Yapping toward the haters about Jordan Lynch’s ability is not going to make any of the steadfast lackeys of the playoff system understand sometimes teams cannot do anything but succeed in the place they were put.  While it is completely Northern Illinois fault it was placed in the Orange Bowl, the team simply did what every team is called to do on a seasonal basis: win as many games as possible.  People who are crying foul at the latest installment of BCS bowls must not realize the futility of their screams.  Kirk Herbstreit can whine, moan, and groan all he wants over the ESPN airwaves, but he is not going to change Northern Illinois current placement.  The public can raise a stir and start a quarrel, but nothing will change what has occurred this season.  Rather than point fingers at Northern Illinois who simply did what a team wants to do, point them at Nebraska and the Big East.  Nebraska laid an absolute egg in the Big Ten championship game and the Big East failed to impress pollsters and computers enough to have its best team ranked ahead of the Huskies.  Better yet, everyone should just quiet his or her mind and his or her mouth. Come January 2nd, one of the divided factions will have to be correct.  Whether or not it is the Northern Illinois camp or the patrons of BCS conference domination in college football will depend entirely on the two teams on the field.  The words expressed prior to the contest will affect the outcome as much as I will.  Northern Illinois had a fantastic season for what it was called to do entering 2012.  Let’em live and let the game be played before we consider this team the worst BCS team in history.  There was not even close to this much uproar when Hawaii was in the Sugar Bowl, and that team lost 41-10 to Georgia.  The game will be played and until the clock reads 00:00, nothing matters.  We can yell and cry before and after the game, but only those 60 football minutes will lend a relevant argument to whether or not Northern Illinois belongs.  Talk?  Talk is worthless.


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