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BCS Special Article Florida State: Unaufhaltsam

There are few people in America who knew the name Björn Werner prior to the start of the 2012 football season.  He’s registered at Florida State University as a junior “undecided” major.  Werner’s true major?  Football and the opponents of Florida State throughout the 2012 season have discovered he’s learning the subject matter quite proficiently.  Werner played only two years of high school football, but managed to garner National attention and was recruited by the ‘Noles.  The word in the title?  It’s German for unstoppable and Björn Werner has proven to be such on his way to becoming one of the highest touted prospects in what is shaping out to be a defensive dominated draft class.


Björn Werner probably never considered he would be in the position he would be when he was living in Berlin, Germany just five years ago.  While living in Germany, he played for a professional German football team: Berlin Adler.  The life changing moment for Werner came when he decided to become a foregin exchange student in the United States.  Björn Werner had never been to the US, but he wanted to play professional football…real professional football and not the pseudo German football nonsense.  Werner attended Salisbury School in Salisbury, Connecticut as an exchange student and began playing football as a junior for the Crimson Knights of Salisbury.  This is a school which is attended by less than 300 students a year and has an annual tuition of $49,970, but Björn Werner was unperturbed by the highfalutin nature of the school and maintained his innate humility which comes so naturally to him.  After just one year, named Werner a 3-star recruit (the 65th best defensive end and 5th best player from the state of Connecticut).  The players who were ranked ahead of Werner from Connecticut?  Silas Redd, Khairi Fortt, Kevin Pierre-Louis, and Tyler Harris who attended Penn State, Penn State, Boston College, and no college respectively.  While Redd has been a solid player, none of those Connecticut natives made even a semblance of the noise the Werner has…after all, Björn was an unanimous choice as an All-American this season.   The 64 defensive ends ranked ahead of him?  All ranked lower at this point as the only end with a more touted rep following 2012 is Jedeveon Clowney.  Werner knew coming to America could provide him the opportunity to play the game he loves as a professional, but would he have expected as a young man in Berlin to be ranked Scout’s in as the a top ten player and projected to go as early as the top 5 in the NFL Draft come April?  Werner has turned heads both literally, as offensive linemen watch him bludgeon their quarterbacks when he flies by, and theoretically as his stock has skyrocketed beyond anyone’s expectations.  There should be no change to Werner’s juggernaut status as the Seminoles won’t be facing the most upper echelon talent against Northern Illinois in the Orange Bowl.  It should not be a time for Björn Werner to relax his juggernaut status, however, but show just how dominant he can be.  Werner has truly been unstoppable this season and there should be no other expectations except unaufhaltsam come January 1st.


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