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BCS Special Article Florida: Really About Georgia

One has to wonder why some rules exist in the world of sports.  Why can only two gymnasts from a country compete in the all-around competition even when it is clear a country (such as the United States women’s team) may have three or four of the top all-around gymnasts in the world on its team?  Why can only two teams from a conference make a BCS bowl when the conference may have more three or four of the top 10 teams in the country?  More questions exist, but the ladder is the reason I write this post.  The Florida Gators prepare to face Louisville in the Sugar Bowl and have only the Georgia Bulldogs and two serious flaws to thank for the bid.


At the commencement of the regular the season, the Florida Gators were sitting pretty with an 11-1 record and a #4 spot in the BCS.  The Gators were guaranteed a spot in a BCS bowl despite both Alabama and Georgia being ranked ahead of Florida in the BCS.  The Tide and the Dawgs, however, would have to face each other in the SEC Championship Game.  If you asked Donovan McNabb, he’d mentioned there is no tying in football…well in college it is actually true; therefore, either the Tide or Georgia would leave the SEC Championship Game 11-2 and likely drop behind Florida in the BCS standings…Thus we reveal the most ridiculous nonsense to ever grip sports.  Georgia was punished because it lost to Alabama in the SEC Title Game.  The team was chastised because it beat Florida in The World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party.  The Bulldogs did not make a BCS Bowl despite out playing Florida head-to-head and making it the the SEC Championship over Florida; in fact they missed a BCS Bowl because of those two factors.  Georgia slid from #3 in the BCS to #7 after losing a game it was supposed to lose!  That’s right, Georgia was an underdog and lost to the #2 team in the country when Georgia was ranked 3rd….so Georgia did everything necessary to make a BCS Bowl except what?  A loss to South Carolina in Columbia?  Alabama lost to Texas A&M at home…hell, Florida lost to Georgia!  The Bulldogs had the same record as Florida and had dispatched Florida tete-a-tete, but it mattered naught.  Florida is merrily skipping down to Louisiana come January 2nd and plays a team which is worse than Georgia’s opponent in the Capital One Bowl the night before.  It is a true shame in college football and honestly I cannot write much more on it because the fact gets me so riled up.  To imagine a team being punished because it had to play an extra game because it had out-performed another team during the regular season is so mind-blowing I cannot even begin to comprehend it…worse of all, the team lost the extra game against a team it was supposed to lose to?  It would be different if Georgia had played a lackluster SEC West team in the Championship and lost, but this is not the case.  Florida should be singing the praise of this embarrassing flaw in the system whilst Georgia screams of the wretched bullpucky which transpired.  Now Florida has the opportunity to seize all the befits (including the oh-so-ever-important monetary benefits and prestige) of playing in a BCS Bowl while Georgia plays in the Capital One Bowl?  Against a better team?  My Lord have mercy.


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