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BCS Special Article Notre Dame: Nothing Matters

Notre Dame had never been #1 in the BCS before this season.  The University, sometimes defined as the best football program in the country, has not sniffed a National Title since Lou Holtz led the team to the 1988 edition of the Fiesta Bowl.  Notre Dame lost every bowl game from 1995-2007 which included maulings in BCS Bowls by Oregon State, Ohio State, and LSU.  The program drowned during the eras of Tyrone Willingham and Charlie Weis…however, nothing Notre Dame did during the days of Rockne, Holtz, Weis, or any other coach matters.


Forget the record of Heisman Trophies in South Bend, the record of All-Americans, and the 11 National Titles.  Forget 3-9 or the debacle versus Michigan last season.  Notre Dame’s history (the good, the bad, and the Charlie Weis) can simply be pushed away and forgotten altogether.  Even the 2012 season which has culminated in an appearance in the BCS National Championship can be ignored for the time being.  Nothing matters now, except for January 7th when Notre Dame faces kingpin Alabama in Miami’s Sun Life Stadium.  The heavyweight bout between two teams built upon a foundation of defensive domination will surely provide much more intrigue and mystery than last year’s rendition where everyone knew what was coming.  Everyone could’ve guessed last year’s game because they had already seen it.  LSU and Bama were destined for a low-scoring, defensive struggle (perhaps maybe even more accurate would be to call last year’s title game an offensive struggle?) where one team would breakthrough with a touchdown…the only touchdown featured in the two contests between the Tigers and Tide.  This year?  On paper one might hypothesize 2013 will be nearly identical to 2012.  How can an mediocre offense like Notre Dame hope to conquer the stout Bama defense?  Eventually Alabama will wear down the Irish and be able to breakthrough for that touchdown and seal the game…that person who may say that would be looking at what has occurred over the course of 2012.  That individual, comically, is forgetting that nothing matters which has happened.  Notre Dame won’t be reflecting upon it’s overtime win against Stanford, escape versus Pitt, or inhalation of Oklahoma.  No one in Notre Dame’s locker room will be talking about Rockne’s titles or the time when Lou Holtz brought a championship to South Bend.  Manti Te’o’s unbelievable haul at the awards’ ceremony in December won’t make a difference come January 7th.  Te’o’s inspiring performance against Michigan State following the deaths of his grandmother and girlfriend cannot contribute to an Irish win when the game against the Tide kicks off.   Notre Dame is going to forget everything which has happened ever since the first snap was taken by an Irish team back in 1887 against Michigan.  Your tradition, Notre Dame?  Your title as the greatest and most celebrated program in the country?  That is about as useful as a poopy flavored lollipop.  Come January 7th, 60 minutes of football will decide if anything from 2012 matters.  Be steadfast, Notre Dame, because the hour of your season is close at hand.


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