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My BCS Bowl Picks

Finally, I am writing my picks for the BCS Games.  I know I went 0-5 last season so if you’re using my site as a source I recommend staunchly you pick the exact opposite as I.  Remember to cite the site if you use it as a resource as well!  Thanks!

Rose Bowl Game: Wisconsin (8-5) versus #6 Stanford (11-2)

A mismatch on paper, this game will be a lot closer than many people are suggesting.  Wisconsin won’t back down from a scuffle with the Cardinal.  Except a physical contest as two of the top backs in the country face off in what will be a lower scoring affair where a defensive play, offensive miscue, or special teams addition may spark the winning team’s surge to victory.

Line Stanford gives 6.5;     O/U 48.5;     My Pick Stanford beats Wisconsin 24-20

Discover Orange Bowl: #15 Northern Illinois (12-1) versus #12 Florida State (11-2)

Well everyone is expecting Florida State to win.  Don’t be surprised if the Noles expect to rest on their laurels and come out of the gates extremely slow before recovering.  Northern Illinois garners an early lead, impressing the doubters, but in the end the Huskies squander their efforts and Florida State takes home the victory.

Line Florida State gives 14;     O/U 59.5;     My Pick Florida State beats NIU 38-24

Allstate Sugar Bowl: #21 Louisville (10-2) versus #3 Florida (11-1)

Another game where one team is expected to dominate… certainly the trend for the 2012 BCS games.  Florida has looked ugly at time this year and I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Gators have a tough time putting the Cardinals down.  In the end, I think Louisville comes up with one big play and stuns expectations to steal a win in the Sugar Bowl.

Line Florida gives 15;     O/U 49;     My Pick Louisville beats Florida 21-20

Tostitos Fiesta Bowl: #5 Kansas State (11-1) versus #4 Oregon (11-1)

A real BCS game, how refreshing.  The Wildcats have Collin Klein, but not much else.  Oregon will be what Oregon always is which is offensively explosive and defensively sluggish.  Look for Kansas State to try and duplicate the defensive effort by Stanford, but fall short because KSU is in the Big-12 and we all know how that conference feels about defense.

Line Oregon gives 8.5;     O/U 79;     My Pick Oregon beats Kansas State 48-30

BCS National Championship Game: #2 Alabama (12-1) versus #1 Notre Dame (12-0)

Honestly this game could be a lot of fun.  Two teams which are so similar it is scary are playing each other, but the main difference will end up being Alabama’s offensive line.  Notre Dame’s greatest strength is its defensive front 7, but the front seven will be neutralized by the best line in the country and end in Bama scoring enough points to take home a second straight national title on the legs of Lacy and Yeldon.  Except Notre Dame to go down swinging, but go done nonetheless.

Line Alabama gives 9.5;     O/U 49;     My Pick Alabama beats Notre Dame 20-9


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