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The Yadam Seven 7’s: Movie of the Year

I know you all are starting to feel than anxiety of the list about to be completed and have nothing to read.  After all, this is still the  first ever Yadam Seven 7′s, a special list prepared for your reading enjoyment where 7 contributors will unleash a cascade of 7 lists of what they believe best exemplifies 2012.  Today we introduce to you the 7 films which we have chosen for the movie faction of the 7’s.

Skyfall/The Dark Knight Rises

By Adam Bross

(spoilers are prevalent)

Ever since Dr. No opened the floodgates 50 years ago in 1962, James Bond (Agent 007) has been shining brighter than any other hero ever.  The only character which is readily accepted in any adventure or any guise has been played by six different men including Sir Sean Connery, Pierce Brosnan, and Daniel Craig who all look so strikingly different one would think it blasphemy for each to grace the big screen as the same chap.  Nonetheless, vodka martinis continue to be shaken, but not stirred as Bond continued his incredible 23 film journey with Skyfall in 2012.  Also, Christopher Nolan finished his invigorating Barman trilogy with the highly anticipated Dark Knight Rises which put a colossal end to a trilogy which stands at the acme of cinematic history.  Granted, I may be cheating by choosing two of the year’s best films; however, both were unselected and both films were incredibly similar in extraordinary ways…allow me to begin?  First, both heroes deal with the death of parents and the motivation which drives their actions as heroes is dealing with the loss of parents. Also, both movies chronicle a heroes return from symbolic death (Bond in Asia and Wayne in Bane’s prison) as he must revert from the shadow he has become to the hero he once was.  Also, both heroes have the gauntlet thrown down by antagonists who are incredibly similar.  Both Bane in Dark Knight Rises and Silva in Skyfall had the same background as their respective protagonists (Bane was trained by the League of Shadows and Silva was a former MI6 operative) and display superior abilities to the heroes during the movie.  It is not until the hero is able to once again find who he is that he conquers the villain.  Also, Silva and Miranda Tate both are on mission of revenge and eventually we find the entire sequence of events in each plot is vengeance-centric.  Continuing, both writers hoped to create a villain who was so much like the protagonist and so important the villains would be remembered long after 2012.  Silva may be the first Bond villain who was as important to the film as Bond himself.  Other Bond villains found their shares of exposure; however, none were as twisted and memorable as Silva whose entrance into the film shatters the former Bond foes and is the first memory which is mustered from thought when thinking of Skyfall.  Bane was disputably the most destructive force in any superhero film to date and a juggernaut who even Batman could not stop.  Bane may not have been as great as The Joker; nonetheless, it cannot be denied Bane’s terrorist mentality and brute ruthlessness epitomize the fears which dwell inside the heart of most Americans in these days of war and corruption.  Finally, the two of 2012’s highest grossing and most beloved movies is set the precedents that haunting villains who root their actions into our greatest fears and a penetrating opening scene are the two key criteria for both drawing an audience and allowing them to leave satisfied.  Bond and Batman are two legends of cinema.  In 2012, they were thrust into movies (played by Daniel Craig and Christian Bale respectively) which showed how akin they are.


By Cameron Conrad

What could be a more exhilarating opening scene to a movie than watching Denzel Washington waking up butt-naked after sleeping with a hott girl who is half his age (Nadine Velazquez)? Washington plays Whip Whitaker, an airline pilot with serious substance abuse problems who crash lands a plane with a ridiculously high BAC. He snorts some crack to stimulate himself and sober up before he flies the plane, which malfunctions in mid-air, but not as a result of Whitaker’s drunkenness. The plane is in a nose dive, but Whitaker manages to flip the plane upside down before it hits the ground, then turn it right side up and crash lands it, saving all but a few passengers on board. While recovering from the landing in the hospital, the pilot is at first hailed as a hero, but soon evidence arises that he landed the plane while shitfaced (two empty vodka bottles that Whitaker consumed were found on the plane and he was drug tested). Although few other pilots could have landed the plane like Whitaker, people still want to press manslaughter charges against him since he was plastered and a few passengers died. Whitaker basically continues his way drinking and lying throughout the whole movie, trying to avoid the media and press who are dying to talk to him, and he even ends up in his ex-wife and son’s home who he abandoned because of his alcohol problems. A few people try to get Whip to straighten up, including Nicole (Kelly Reilly), a heroin addict who Whitaker met while he was in the hospital. Despite others’ efforts to get Whip to give up alcohol, he still gets hammered the night before his trial with the NTSB. Once again he snorts some crack to wake up, and proceeds to lie his way through the trial. When pushed to blame one of the flight attendants, Whip finally gives in and tells the truth about the whole story and admits to being drunk off his ass at that moment.


By Vince Kampel

Marijuana was on the minds of many Americans this year. Whether you were selling it, smoking it, or just forming an opinion on how to vote on it, odds are, you spent part of 2012 with your mind on the reefer. And if you didn’t, ready or not, here it comes. With medical marijuana industries picking up steam in an increasing number of states and recreational use blossoming in Colorado and Washington, it seems that the thought of legal pot is growing on America.

Savages wasn’t the best movie of 2012. It also wasn’t the most important movie of 2012. However, it was good, and it was relevant. This rare combination garnered my choice for Movie of 2012. (That, and the obvious choice, The Dark Knight Rises, was already chosen.)  Savages tells a story of a unique friendship, an even unique-er love triangle, and a whole lot of contraband.  On the surface, it’s a drama about two marijuana growers/sellers/distributors/entrepreneurs who set out on a vengeful crusade to reclaim their (shared) girlfriend from the evil Mexican cartel.

However, political undertows lurk not-so-subtle-ly beneath all the violence and action.  The movie offers a behind-the-scenes insight on where those grams of green came from, and what exactly transpired to get it to you. Is the movie a non-fiction documentary? No, of course not. But is it based on the real deal? Do drug-related acts of violence actually happen? Is the Mexican drug cartel real? Yes, yes, and yes (hopefully they’re not as scary in real life).  Is the movie really a call for marijuana legalization to decrease the incredibly powerful and dangerous business of smuggling marijuana? What about Mexican immigration? That’s up to you to decide. But it definitely puts it all on the table.

Oh yeah, and B l a k e L i v e l y.

Django Unchained

By Jack Marcheschi


Jamie Foxx, aka Django, aka Willie Beamin, aka Motherfucker Jones, aka Im OneofTheMostMultiTalented people on earth kills it in the new movie by Quentin Terantino, Django: Unchanined. The cast is star-studded. Including the likes of the timeless stars, Samuel L. Jackson, Leonardo DiCaprio, and one of the monster underrated actors in Hollywood, Christoph Waltz.
The plot is an interesting one. A slave that was emancipated from his terrible life by Dr. Shultz(Christoph’s character) for one reason, and one reason only: To help him with his bounty hunting duties. After Django(Jamie Foxx) preformed his duties admirably, becoming the fastest gun in America, Dr. Shultz helps Django find his wife, who was separated from him in heartbreaking fashion. On Django and Dr. Schultz journey, they come across many trials and tribulations, but over come them all. From the KKK, the harsh winters in America’s Heartland, from Calvin Candie’s (Leonardo DiCaprio) plantation, and everything in between. Django: Unchained is a ride from start to finish.
I highly recommend it.

The Ghastly Love of Johnny X

By Matthew Murphy

Now, you’re probably wondering why you’ve never heard of such a thrilling and simply wonderful movie. Well, that was my exact feeling when I stumbled upon it. I was looking through a list of the movies from 2012 when I saw this title and couldn’t pass up looking deeper for obvious reasons. The title alone commands attention. As I delved deeper, I discovered that this movie was the lowest grossing movie of 2012 by a landslide. In your mind, take a guess at how much this movie earned. Ready? $117. Yes, that is correct. I didn’t leave off any zero’s at the end. The thriller that is The Ghastly Love of Johnny X grossed, not netted, $117. I’m going to come clean and admit that I belly-laughed when I read that. Apparently movie-goers weren’t that interested in seeing a movie described as “An intergalactic juvenile delinquent and his rabble-rousing gang of hooligans are sentenced to life on planet Earth in this outrageous sci-fi horror comedy musical filmed in glorious black and white.” Re-read that quote while keeping in mind the quality that comes along with a film that grossed $117 and try not to laugh. I know I can’t. Anyways, just wanted to give a shout out to the movie that “redefined what it means to be an intergalactic juvenile delinquent”. Congratulations makers of the film, you have succeeded in creating a movie that has intrigued me more than any movie I have actually seen while losing close to $2,000,000 in the process.

Project X

By Zac Reid

This movie was absurd.

However, Project X definitely made an impact in 2012. Grossing $55 million in 2012, Project X brought nearly every male between the ages of 17 and 30 to the theaters. With beer, drugs, and boobs galore, what more could a guy ask for in a movie? It definitely stirred the people’s interest. I know from experience and the experience of my friends, right after leaving the theater, we were all ready to RAAAAGEEEE!!!!!

But really this movie broke the status quo and boring traditional standard with this outrageous plotline. Slightly mimicking the genre set by movies like the Hangover and Superbad of “Teen”, “Sex Comedy” and “Absurdism”, Project X took a new step in filmography whether good or bad.


By Ted Schoen

Making a movie about a historical figure is impossible to do without some alteration to the story.   When that historical figure is Abraham Lincoln, with his controversial presidency, it makes the task that much more difficult.  Going to watch this movie, I was convinced that I would not enjoy it, as I was skeptical of how it would portray the “Great Emancipator”.  However, as you now can see, I have chosen it as the movie of the year.  While I ultimately chose Lincoln for the movie of the year because I found it to be very well made with phenomenal acting, I was also driven by the opportunity to discuss Lincoln’s presidency.   In 2012, most people think of Lincoln as one of their favorite presidents.  I’m going to restrain myself from writing how I really feel about Abe, because I don’t feel this is the place, but I would like to draw attention to the 1984esque nature of how our thoughts on history have been changed without any opposition.  I simply want to state that Lincoln might not have been as great as he is portrayed in modern society. Though this movie far from provides a holistic view on the presidency, it actually presented some of side that is left out of most textbooks, which I applaud.  Though I was disappointed to find out there were no vampires in this Lincoln movie, it had some fantastic filmmaking and a great script, which led to a movie that I would definitely recommend to watch.


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