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It was not too long ago I was congratulating Chip Kelly on returning to Oregon rather than boot scoot for the NFL’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  Today, it was announced Kelly was boot scooting for the NFL’s Philadelphia Eagles rather than return to Oregon.  The draw of the NFL seems to have been too much for Kelly and his up-tempo offense will be transitioning to Philly where Michael Vick may have the opportunity to pioneer it along with Kelly.  My only question for Chip Kelly is what is the appeal of the NFL?  People are probably muttering, “Money, it has to be money”.  We all understand your reasoning for mentioning the almighty dollar, but the average NFL coach makes around $4 million.  Chip Kelly was scheduled to make $3.8 million at Oregon next season and $4 million the next two years.  While one may say, “Kelly will make more than the average”, his peer who moved from college to professional football last season Greg Schiano received a 5-year $15 million deal from Tampa Bay.  Money must not have motivated Kelly.  Perhaps the bright lights of Sunday football pulled Kelly from Oregon to Philly, but Oregon has become one of the nation’s more popular programs in a world where the disparity in terms of popularity for the NFL and college football is not as large as in the past.  In the end, Kelly’s decision is overall befuddling.  The Oregon program will eventually recover, but it will be interesting to see if it can retain its status as an annual threat for a National Title.  All Kelly has proven is betrayal to a program runs in his bloodline as both he and his brother Brian made commitments and guarantees to programs before running off to another opportunity.  While Brian made a point of saying he’d leave the University of Cincinnati for Notre Dame when he first signed, he later claimed he would stay with there if they met some demands he had to better the Cincinnati program.  Cincy obliged and Kelly ran for South Bend anyway.  Now, Chip has left a program he had committed (just a few days after saying the NFL was not for him).  Chip Kelly may succeed in the NFL, but it is unlikely he’ll see the success he did in Eugene where he was 46-7 in four years as head coach and visited a BCS bowl each season (including wins in the past two years).  Will Chip Kelly go the way of Nick Saban?  Will he succeed as Pete Carroll has in Seattle during his second opportunity?  We’ll see.  I just don’t know.


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