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Where Are They Now? (My Favorite College Basketball Players) Part 1

Over the years, people develop an affinity for certain basketball players for absolutely no reason.  This is incredibly true for me as well and some of my favorites are both obscure and awesome…every last one of them is better than your favorite players in pretty much every facet of life.  F.Y.I. stat lines for players will be based off of minutes/points/rebounds/assists/blocks/steals/field goal percentage/three-point percentage/free-throw percentage.

Eric Corey Hicks

The Basics:

height: 6’6″, weight: 250lbs, position: C, college: University of Cincinnati

Who he was:

Eric Hicks was one bad motherf****r at the University of Cincinnati while he attended.  Hicks stands about 6’6″ and played center throughout his Cincy career.  This pretty much translates to “I give no shits” in college basketball because the rule of thumb is if you aren’t 6’9″ then you aren’t tall enough to be a center.  Hicks stat line during his time at UC goes as follows: freshman year-13.5/2.5/3.6/0.2/1.3/0.1/44.4%/0.0/47.1%, sophomore year-19.0/7.0/5.8/0.4/1.2/0.7/59%/0.0%/52.9%, junior year-31.4/13.7/9.0/0.8/2.3/0.5/51.9%/25%/58.5%, and senior year-34.4/15.0/9.7/0.9/3.3/0.6/47.9%/48.1%/65.9%.  Hicks was your archetypal garbage man player who would score a plethora of points via offensive rebounding and posting-up the softer foes he faced.  While at UC Hicks majored in social sciences and wanted to be a sports agent when he finished college.  In his spare time?  Hicks fished.

Who he is:

You’ll notice a trend that I fall in love with players who aren’t quite capable of making it to the NBA for reasons known or unknown.  Hicks was destined for the Euro-league if he wanted to maintain a basketball career since the NBA is not fond of 6’6″ centers.  We all know Hicks would have been a phenom in the NBA, but took his talents across the pond.  Hicks has won a championship, been to an all-star game, and won an MVP award in Europe.  Hicks still loves to go out and fish whenever he finds the opportunity.  Also, he cooks dinner as seen on his Twitter handle @ecHicks14.

Delonte Jermaine Holland

The Basics:

height: 6’7″, weight: 214 lbs, position: SF, college: DePaul

Who he was:

I’m sure everyone wonders “How can a player from DePaul be one of your favorites?  He’s from DePaul.”  Well, stupidface, it is because of the man’s goddamn name.  I thought it was the tits back when I was a little kid and I’d hear the name Delonte Holland.  The man seems to like to remain mysterious, but Google is an amazing machine and I learned a little more about the guy.  Holland spent his first two years of basketball eligibility in junior college before transferring to DePaul.  He originally signed with Rhode Island out of high school, but failed to qualify for the school due to academics; however, the most amazing thing I learned about Holland was his work ethic.  During his senior year, Holland would average 1,300 jump shots in the gym every day attempting to make himself better.  He would spend six or more hours each day refining his skills, trying to become the best he could be.  Holland’s lines were: junior year-25.1/10.7/3.6/1.6/0.2/1.1/46.8%/44,8%/73.0% and senior year-33.9/16.5/5.4/2.0/0.2/1.2/49.0%/34.8%/79.5%.

Who he is:

Holland went undrafted.  Perhaps the most interesting part of the man since his college days is how many countries he has played in: Serbia, America, Italy, back to America, back to Italy France, Argentina, Columbia, back to Argentina, Venezuela, and now plays in the Dominican Republic.  Despite his journeyman status, Holland averaged over 10 ppg in every season in Europe including a whopping 25.0 in an Italian stint.  Debateably  his Twitter handle is @DelonteDMV, but the account has not Tweeted thus far…hmmm


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