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Georgetown-Syracuse: A Post of Feelings

I think one thing should be made clear, if the Georgetown-Syracuse rivalry comes to an end after this season than college basketball has its priorities out of sync.  The Hoyas and Orange will likely continue the rivalry as non-conference foes when the  2013-2014 season rolls around; however, there is something lost in the translation from the epics of perhaps the two most storied Big East members.  Syracuse and Georgetown were conference mates long before the “Catholic 7” or the current Big East was a twinkle in the eyes of college basketball connoisseurs across the great nation.  Long before the 16-team powerhouse (representing the best college basketball conference in history) formed, Big John Thompson and Jim Boeheim were plotting against each other.  This Saturday, Big John’s son JT3 will battle Boeheim it what is rumored to be the Syracuse legends final season (I have many doubts).  It seems almost fitting as Syracuse’s time in the Big East culminates so should the career of the program’s greatest coach.  The emotions tearing through the Verizon Center are sure to be as impeccable as the one’s rippling Chapel Hill later Saturday night.  While Duke-North Carolina may overshadow G-Town and ‘Cuse in the national media (especially in the mind of the always obnoxious Dick Vitale); the Big East’s finale is certainly the game of the week.  I implore you to watch the contest.  The great basketball played by two of the nation’s more talented teams is only the side dish for this entree.  The centerpiece will be the emotions housed in the building and the energy issued from the players.  Enjoy Duke-North Carolina.  It is going to be quite the contest, but if you ignore Syracuse playing at Georgetown at noon then you will miss a showcase of what makes college basketball great.


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One thought on “Georgetown-Syracuse: A Post of Feelings

  1. Sean Breslin on said:

    It stinks that this rivalry will be no more.

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