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Online Journal: Vienna Day 1 (05/01/2013)

Having a 3:55 flight is something rare in this life which needs given its due respect.  Waking up at 9 am, I had 4 hours and relaxed them away in preparation for a trans-Atlantic odyssey.  Also, it should be noted no one is at the airport at 1:30 on a Wednesday afternoon so it’s a recommended time.  We passed through security and at 1:45 we retreated to the Max and Erma’s near gate B11 where my brothers and dad sipped on Newcastles and I guzzled a Coke.  Then two hours later it began.  Stops in Boston Mass and Amsterdam added to the 12 hours in the playing Pokemon, reading the entire Hunger Games and Kiss the Girls were speed bumps on the way to Vienna, Austria.  My friend Sandra wasn’t there at the airport despite saying she’d pick us up (shots fired!).  When checked into our muggy, 80+ degree room and tossed our backpacks on the tv round before heading out to the Austrian wilderness.  Clearly the first thing on the minds of a 23, 21, and 19 year-old boys was grub so we found the tourist heavy Chattanooga’s and I set my eyes on the beef stroganoff and fries laid before me.  Our waitress (lovingly called Android 18 by our troupe) sternly replied “Kaiser” when Ted II asked what the cafe’s best beer was.  We ordered a round, cheersed good health and good fortune, and went to work on the bounty places before us.  We returned to the sweatshow to change for the local beer festival.  We tried five differ .5 liters of local brew while listening to a local, Austrian band (complete with accordion and overalls) play massacred Johnny Cash songs, listenable Beatles songs, and the beer barrel polka.  The first brewmaster we engaged served an ale.  Teddy walked up and clichely asked “Do you speak English?”  His reply was the norm, “oh, um, eh little bit.”  Teddy’s answer?  “You speak 4 beers English?”  And the brewmaster, “Ah, we’ll done.”  We slowly sipped four more, met a girl who studied at Wittenberg.  The day culminated and we headed back to our hotel and sweated through the night, having been awake for the last 38 hours even the boggy hellhole wasn’t enough to keep us from slumber.


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