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Online Journal: Vienna Day 3/Bratislava Day 1 (05/04/2013)

A first train ride is like the first time going to a baseball game: it’s uber exciting and awesome, especially when it first starts, but eventually it gets a little lengthy after 3 hours of sitting on your ass.  Also, it seems to be much more exiting the older you get as my dad exclaimed, “Dad like train.  Dad like train more than plane!”  This was the milestone awaiting me on the third day in Vienna.  We sat down for a quick brunch at a cafe called Theo’s where I duel ordered some eggs sunnyside up and a plate of beef goulash (a staple of my Eastern European diet).  It was off to Suidirolo Platz (no chance I spelled that right) where a train waited to take us to Bratislava, Slovakia.  I managed to finish my second book of the trip in James Patterson’s “Kiss the Girls”.  The Bratislava train station was the least safe I’ve felt since my last jaunt through Clifton’s streets off of UC’s campus.  It was ravaged with litter and stank of stink.  We quickly moved away from the dirty, dirty place.  The city cleaned up quickly and Bratislavsky hrad loomed in the distance.  Our hotel, the Abba Bratislava, had automatic revolving doors and a group of Spanish hombres gathered in the courtyard drinking beer and rolling dices.  After checking in we ventured down to the section of the city affectionately called “Old Town” where we drank some Slovakian beer called Zlaty Banzant.  After a few drinks we climbed to the castle where we peered over both old and new Bratislava connected by the New Bridge–famous for the UFO esque structure over the span.  The views were spectacular and resulted in a plethora of great pictures by both my brother Teddy and myself.  After hiking back down from the castle we needed to eat.  My dad drew the short straw for the sixth straight time, what’re the odds?  We ate some overpriced, Slovic nonsense–I had a piece of grilled chicken littered with mozzarella cheese.  After dinner it was time to retire after a long travel day.  I was unable to sleep a wink and stayed up Facebook chatting Maria and Ethan while attempting to chat Jack who never answered (shots fired v. II!)


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