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Online Journal: Bratislava Day 2 (05/05/2013)

After my long night of not being able to sleep, it was exciting for Teddy, Dan, and my dad to finally wake up and I could begin the day.  We skipped breakfast again, because that’s what we seem to do these days, and headed straight for Old Town.  We circled around a couple of times searching for a cafe to eat an early lunch when we happened upon the first of the world famous Bratislavan bronze men: the sewer guy.  We found a nice little cafe where I ordered a pizza.  Words to the Ignorant: European pizza is heavy on bread (crust) and extremely light on sauce and cheese and toppings so if you’re a big pizza fan like myself you’ll be stunned by the difference between the LaRosa’s or Trotta’s pies Euro versions.  After lunch we headed off to another castle affectionately named Devan.  It was built in be early 100’s and was a little torn apart but was the chest sight we had seen since our journey began.  The views from the crowns of two rivers flowing alongside the hill Devan Castle perched upon was magnificent.  Also, Teddy and I climbed around the old stones acquiring amazing pictures (look for Teddy’s photo album).  After Devan we walked down to the rivers and walked alongside the water.  The Bratislavan weathdr was grade A.  On the side of a ramshackle building was the phrase “I love you Mishka” from the always popular YouTube video and a bro was selling whittled sticks.  After leaving Devan, we began the hunt for the other two bronze men of Bratislava as Big Ted offered an extra scoop of ice cream as the reward for the brother who found the statues.  Teddy spied the first leaning on a park bench in Old Town’s main square and Dan spotted the second leaning on a railing waving his top hat.  We ate our dinner at a quiet little cafe in the backstreets of Old Town.  The waitress brought out little candles and set them on the middle of the table and stated, “For romance”.  Being the clown that I am, I accidentally knocked the candle over at it went out.  We handed it to the server when she returned and she said, “oooooh, I bring you another!”  But then she didn’t….and shots were fired.  So my dad snuck to another table to theft the candle…and he fumbled it and it crashes against the wooden table.  He scampered back to our seats with the candle in hand and Dan shook his head and said, “put it back you oaf.”  We handed that candle to the waitress as well…she was obviously suspicious now, but brought us a replacement candle all the same.  After dinner, we headed to a nearby Scottish pub where we drank and played Euchre.  I lost for the first time in a foreign country:(…I don’t want to talk about it.


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