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Online Journal: Bratislava Day 3/Budapest Day 1 (05/06/2013)

Happy Mothers’ Day, Donna Clare!!

It was a little sad leaving Bratislava.  It was a city which had provided many good time.  Alas, there’s no stopping time so our troupe was destined for Budapest, the third city on our Eastern European voyage.  We grabbed a quick meal at a local bakery, some orange juice and a doughnut was all.  We then walked to the dilapidated train station her had arrived at two mornings ago…only to learn our train was delayed two hours.  We hopped off the curb we had chosen and walked to the nearby cafe.  No one else seemed hungry enough to eat, but I threw down some broccoli and cheese with fries.  This brunch of champions tided me over for the next two hours…when our train was delayed another 35 minutes–I have no idea how these Europeans use this piss pour system of transportation.  At about 6:30 we finally boarded our 3:55 train.  We set off for Budapest and the car was overcome with fatigue.  I managed to read a little and play Pokemon to battle the weariness which resulted from three hours of sitting in a train station.  Our train arrived in Budapest, Hungary, the largest city in the hilariously named country.  Quickly imagine the worst place you’ve been and the most danger you’ve felt you were in…that’s the feeling I had in te Budapest ghetto outside the train station in Budapest.  Drunks hobbled down the streets and everyone gave us sideways glances.  The old 76 trolley couldn’t pick us up quickly enough.  A drunk guy wobbled up to my dad and tapped him on. The shoulder and flexed while gesturing toward Teddy, Dan, and I…so that was adorable.  We took the old 76 to the final stop on the route and hopped onto what would be our street for the next three days.  Our guide and landlord for the three days, Janos, was there to meet us.  He led us to the apartment, laid down the law, and gave ideas of places to see in Budapest.  After that, we managed to find one of the restaurants Janos had suggested and wearily sat in a booth where I ordered some weird pasta and meat dish which was decent–certainly not delicious– and drank the local beer, Dreher.  Nothing was done this night.


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