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Online Journal: Budapest Day 2 (05/07/2013)

Warning: writing at past one o’clock on the iPhone…so expect more typos than usual…which I know is asking a lot, but please??  So anyway Janos’s apartment had a pretty basic setup…wait, I forgot to mention Janos has a business partner named…Yassef?  I think that’s right.  And they’re clearly gay, but it makes for a great business strategey because they’ll never steal from each other.  It’s like a mom and pop store except with apartments.  Anyway, Janos’s apartment only had 3 real beds, and while I love my father, he snores and rolls when he’s slumbering and unlike my mother–the saint that she is–I cannot tolerate it enough to share a double bed with him.  So I slept on a cot type deal in the large common room/Teddy, Dan, and my bedroom.  On the second day in Budapest, we knew we had a lot of shit to do thanks to our train delay (so we couldn’t do anything the night of the 6th…just looking out for my readers<3).  Our first order of business was to try the breakfast joint Janos had suggested…basic strawberry pancake order…but it took 20 extra minutes for my humble stack of 4 coaster sized flapjacks to arrive following the others’ food which ended in not only having to watch them eat, but have them cackle at cruel, not-at-all funny jokes about me not getting my food (the jokes were actually rather funny).  Also because the only people with a worse sense of humor than my brothers and father are the cooks at the Brio cafe, they put cottage cheese on the top of my pancakes.  I was not amused.  So then we were past breakfast.    The day was spent parading around Budapest; seeing the marvelous sights of the city including the Parlament Buidling, castle on a hill (Not the official name), giant library, Chain Bridge, St. Stephens Cathedral, and the Opera House (where we bought tickets for the Opera and as loyal readers you know my history with classical music/theater  and this trip).  On the square of the cathedral Teddy and I were approached from a woman claiming to be from a small village outside Budapest.  While seemingly one of the many beggars/panhandlers we’ve been approached by, she warrants a message because she had literally the prettiest eyes I’ve ever seen (like prettier than Hayden Panettiete’s, Abby Wombach’s, or Ronald Reagan’s).  She was beautiful, and it was weird because she didn’t fit the steroetype…causes a little paradigm shift.  Anyway, after the sightseeing, our legs were pretty tired so we went back to the same place we had visited the night before for dinner…the big difference was we all got unbelievably drunk in the cafe.  The night’s notables include: taking pictures with all the waitresses (Look for Teddy’s album), my dad suggesting we spike all of our shot glasses into the ground (he’ll deny it but I’m 99% sold he’s a pathological liar by this point in the trip), making a shot glass pyramid, and eating an ungodly amount of french fries…it was a good night… Aside from spilling beer all over my shorts -_-


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