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Online Journal: Budapest Day 4 (05/09/2013)

The previous day had supplied enough drama we all figured the best way to spend our final day in Budapest would be to relax as much as possible.  Facing an overnight train to Prague in the evening, we prepared to leave what had been out finest city to date.  We all knew the proper course of action for the swan song in Budapest would be partaking in the renowned Hungarian nonsense non own as public baths.  Thankfully, the new, modern Hungarians aren’t as ass backwards as their ancestors and don’t strip to the birthday suit for the spa.  Anyone who knows me is aware a public spa isn’t exactly my scene…but when in Rome, right?  We returned our bikes first…needless to say we had to pay the cleaning charge.  Imre was surprisingly chill about having to scrape mud off our bikes–not my idea of a great time–saying he needed some work to do since the shop was slow this week.  We forced Theodore Jr into buying us some lunch before heading to the central park.  This was where the bath house was.  It’s safe to say the average bath house attendee is about 67 years old, fat as a nice dairy cow, and unimaginably close to naked. We roasted in a big sauna (at 95 degrees Celsius) for a while because the extreme temperature kept the bulk of the nearly naked Hungarian elders away.  Obviously, everything in the sauna is pretty warm–roughly 95 Celsius–but a Spanish girl decided to just plop onto the bench in her bikini…needless to say she burnt her ass, literally.  The bath house required the majority of our afternoon, but eventually we had to leave the sulfur, old people, and probably urine behind.  I didn’t exactly feel 110 on my hygiene following the visit to the bath house which is ironic, so I showered.  I felt as if I had been walking for my entire life after the trek from the park in the center of Pest to our apartment.  Our train was at 8:05 and it was 4 by the time we had left the bath house, so dinner before the voyage was not an option.  We are at our favorite restaurant (where my dad wanted to spike all the glasses into the ground).  I don’t know why they let us back in, but whatever works.  We visited a nearby market and, this is BIG news people, they had Mountain Dew!!  Unable to resist the green-yellow goodness I pounced on a 1 liter bottle.  My train ride was about to be reered to say the least.  It was then time to say au revoir to Budapest.  We shouldered our backpacks and hopped on the old 76 once more and returned to the horrific train station.  We climbed into our sleeper car and my dad proclaimed, “Dad love sleeper car!  Dad like sleeper car more than normal train!”  It wasn’t long before night fell and despite the screeching and whistling trains are apt to produce we all managed to fall asleep for a majority of the 10 hour ride to Prague.


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