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Online Journal: Prague Day 2 (05/11/2013)

Today was docketed to be the most basic day ever conceived on a European vacation.  We had our sights set on the Prague International Marathon the following day and everyone–Teddy and Dan most notably–wanted to be in prime condition especially after our hellish night aboard the sleeper train from Budapest and the experiment at the Holiday Inn.  Dan and my Dad actually had stomach pains from the Irish platter the night before and thus we finally realized Holiday Inn was sabotaging our Marathon.  We got the outta there while the gettin’ was good and made our way to our home in Prague for the next few days, The Diplomat Hotel.  Already, the Diplomat was better because we had two rooms and it wasn’t the Holiday Inn.  We rested most of the day, but the resting did include watching Toy Story 2 (which was awesome) and Brave (which was awesome) on HBO (which was free because the Diplomat is awesome).  We visited a local cafe suggested by the Diplomat reception crew and the food and beer was good because the Diplomat respects and wishes to serve its guests with the utmost quality and compassion, unlike the Holiday Inn.  I ordered a potato soup and a cheeseburger from the cafe.  Advice: never order a cheeseburger in Europe because it won’t match your expectations of what is a cheeseburger.  It was a decent sandwich, but I had hoped for something better in all honesty.  After the lunch was actually when we watched HBO (I apologize vehemently for losing my chronological order, loyal readers.  I vow to never act so irrationally and absurd again).  We ate a small dinner in the Diplomat’s restaurant before heading off for an early bedtime.  A 6:30 wake up call to “I’m So Paid” had been set and I wasn’t about to sour that glorious moment by being tired!


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One thought on “Online Journal: Prague Day 2 (05/11/2013)

  1. I’m enjoying your posts, Adam!

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