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Online Journal: Prague Day 3 (05/12/2013)

Marathon Day!!  The day we had been waiting for had finally arrived and there was no time to waste in the morning as the Prague International Marathon had a 9 am start time.  Being the veteran runner I was, I set my alarm early to make sure I could eat some semblance of a breakfast beforehand; however, being the sloth I am, I missed the alarm and didn’t wake up until my Dad’s 7:30 one which didn’t features “I’m So Paid” (what’s the point of an alarm if it isn’t I’m So Paid or Guap??  Someone inform me.).  I rolled out of bed and slid into my Elder mesh jersey which was undoubtedly the best wardrobe featured at the marathon this year.  My dad and I were signed up for the relay, but only crazy people would do more than they really had to, so we decided to skip the first couple of legs and just let Dan carry our chip which recorded our time.  Teddy and Dan had a goal of 8 minute miles which is my goal for roughly 1/26.2 of the distance they were running.    My dad and I hustled around Prague for a bit, finding Teddy and Dan a couple of times and yelling our support.  When it came our time to run, we did.  We jogged for a few miles it what had to be the best way to see as much of Prague as possible.  For the only time on our entire time in Prague there was no rain falling and a picture-perfect sky led the way for our little jog through the Czech capital.  We ran over bridges, through tunnels, and past hundreds of crazy Czechs littering the route.  A group of cheerleaders created a tunnel at one point, but it was off the main path; however, I couldnt resist the urge and airplaned down the middle (I later found Teddy also went through the cheerleaders.  It didn’t seem long before the finish line waited in front of us.  The homestretch was saturated with every last citizen of Prague (debatable).  Our “time” was finalized at about 3:48:42 and you blood was infused with a desire to run one of these suckers.  Training starts today!!…..tomorrow….soon.  Anyway, after the marathon, Teddy and Dan were extremely sore because they are the softest people I know, so we very turtle-ly made our way back to the Diplomat where everyone fell asleep….and then later woke up!  We all agreed we needed to eat so we did that.  No one was in much of a mood to do too much on this day because we had run pretty far.  My dad, Teddy, and I ventured into the Old Town section of Prague to do a little souvenir hunting.  We meandere around the city, but eventually returned.  Our lethargy led to the decision for a Euchre session.  We raided the little store inside the Diplomat for cokes and Pringles.  Then we snuck to the conference room and played a few games of the old Midwestern card game.  Later we ordered room service and watched movie called Straw Dogs on HBO which featured a brutally heinous rape of Kate Bosworth but overall wasn’t terrible.  Then it was nighty night.


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