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Online Journal: Prague Day 4 (05/13/2013)

My dad’s last day in Europe with us…our last day with his credit card.  The € spending in Munich, Bled, and Croatia loomed, but we had one last day with card…oh and my father too.  We declared it Dad Day and prepared ourselves for a day chalk-full of whatever he desired.  First: breakfast buffet at the hotel.  We chowed on the scrambled eggs, meat, and various other goodies the Diplomat was so kind to provide us.  It was a finally a breakfast which satisfied my tummy…I was ready for Dad Day.  The first stop was the John Lennon Wall–named so because of the many murals of the assassinated Beatles frontman and the lyrics of the legendary band–settled just out of the shadow of the Charles Bridge.  Unfortunately, we waltz right by it in our first attempt because we were on the wrong side of a canal running parallel to the river; however, it was an awesome mistake because we were able to see some of the off-the-beaten-path beauties along the banks which many would never imagine to find…and we watched as an innocent lady drop her jacket into some smelly pollen water which was described as “awesome” and “hilarious” by Dan.  We circled back to the Lennon Wall and snapped a few pictures.  The best part of the wall was watching a couple of adolescences–origin unknown, but likely American because their graffiti art was piss pour and Euros seem to have a proclivity for the beautiful works–spray paint a large orange circle on the wall…seriously.  It is a stain on the Lennon Wall which will never come clean.  I only wish I was the hero the city of Prague needed and had suggested they stop before the damage was irrevocable, unfortunately, I was only the hero the city of Prague needed.  After the Lennon Wall we went to the Letna Park which overlooked the city.  It was panorama time on the old Magical iPhone.  We took pictures of the Prague landscape and then escape back down the hill via trolly into the Old Town portion of the city where we could finish the souvenir shopping started earlier.  We set a rendezvous for 4 at the World Clock in Prague (The world’s oldest working astronomical clock) at 4:00 pm…but only Dan and I showed up.  In fact, Teddy and my Dad were not back by 4:30.  Their dilatory arrival did not amuse Dan and I and we shot them a text and returned to the Diplomat….where our room keys didn’t work.  The disaster seemed to have no predictable end…except for when we left for our final gourmet dinner supplied by card.  We went to an Italian place near the historic museum, but only because they had a pirate sitting outside!  Our one goal was to get a picture with the pirate.  Beers and food was abundant as we celebrated our successful three city scamper.  We all ordered pasta dishes…but it wasn’t enough to satiate our appetites and so a pizza was ordered as the denouement for my father’s time in Europe.  We called for the check and our pirate friend…but he had left only 7 minutes before we asked.  We cursed our luck, but put the finishing touches on our second round of beers before heading back to the Diplomat.  Despite our pleas with the daylight, we eventually had to head off to bed and in the morning say goodbye to our father.


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