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Online Journal: Munich Day 1 (05/14/2013)

Our train departed Prague at 9:15 and my dad’s flight out left at 9:55; nonetheless, he set off before we did.  We said our goodbyes and he headed out for his return to the United States (how boring).  Our epic odyssey had only just reached the back nine and we hopped aboard a train destined for Munich, Germany.  The train ride consisted of a whole lot of nothingness, except some pretty field with some sort of yellow crop which was unrecognizable to the tourist’s eyes.  Our hostel, Wombats’, was about a three minute walk from the München Hauptbahnhof.  Perhaps the moment of the day was when we first walked into the room we had a single roommate already set in a bottom bunk.  After selecting beds, I noticed a package of chocolate chip cookies DC chilling on the table in the center of the room.  Obviously I’m not going to not eat cookies…forrealz.  So I inevitably ripped opened to packaging and grabbed a cookie.  After a single bite, Dan asked, “Adam, what the hell are you doing?”.  Turns out the cookies belonged to our roommate because, as Teddy and Dan said, “Hostels don’t give free anything.”. Well shit.  Anyway, the day was spent walking around and seeing the more basic of Munich’s sites: The Glockenspiel.  Supposedly the Glockenspiel “Glockenspiels” every so often, but I’ll warn you loyal readers that 4 pm is not one of those times.  After the Glockenspiel we made our way around the German city viewing various places, but none of true note.  Eventually, we bought some kabobs and headed back to Wombats’ to regroup before the evening.  We headed to the hostel bar and rallied some troops for a few games of asshole and Irish poker.  The main characters in our night of theatrics were Natalie and Carly from London, Ben from Nebraska, and Felix from somewhere in Germany.  Throughout the night these characters supplied us with a night of hilarious carousal.  The best part of the night?  The bar played Bruce Springsteen’s “Dancing in the Dark” to open the night…it was all downhill from there,, but sill a great night of drinking, dancing, and gaming.  Definitely was excited for Munich Day 2 when it came time to pass out on the top bunk on Day 1.


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