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Online Journal: Bled Day 2 (05/17/2013)

When in a quiet mountain town, the number one hope is that it doesn’t rain because there’s nothing to do in the quiet, serene environment if weather is awful.  This was our hope for day 2 in Bled.  We skipped breakfast because we were in money conservation mode following our ridiculous spending sprees at the Munich club.  Our first trek out of the hostel led us up the road to the famous Bled Castle situated on a mountain in the edge of a huge cliff.  It was here where I caught my first glimpse of the town surrounding Lake Bled and I immediately fell in love.  We refuted the entry fee to the castle because we don’t make unnecessary payments without Big Ted around.  We instead hiked down the hillside to the lake.  The scene around Lake Bled is one of the most beautiful I have ever seen in my lifetime.  Especially magnificent was the water surrounding The Church of the Assumption as it stood on its island.  We climbed to the top of a view point known as Osjinca.  From there we could capture a panoramic view of the lake and surrounding area.  The breathtaking landscape is something I will never forget and shall remain an imprint in my mind for the rest of my breath filled days.  While we waited on the semi-mountain top, a steady rain rolled in.  Before long it was raining hard enough to force our hand and we began our descent….then it became miserable.  We walked through rain for so long and despite these miserable conditions I loved my time here in the second day in Bled.  We demolished pizzas a little bigger than a LaRoas’s large for dinner and that summed up our day.  Jani’s local showers happened to be in our goddamn location and we were trapped inside our mountain hostel for the bulk of the evening.


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