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Online Journal: Munich Day 2 (05/15/2013)

There are so many terrible things to wake up and be in bed with you.  Goliath Bird-Eating Spiders may rule the top of that list because they’re the foot in length arachnid spawn of the devil; however, not far down the list rests your own vomit–Today, we visited Dachau Concentration Camp on the outskirts of Munich. Reading about life in the camps and walking through the crematorium and gas chamber spreads light on just how insane and utterly ineffably disturbed the Germans of WWII were.  And that’s all I have to say about that.  After the concentration camp we had to go to the world renowned Hofbrauer House.  The beer hall can sit more than 3,000 people when at full capacity, brews its own world famous beer, features live German-style music, and all the women workers wear the historically German literhousens.  We ordered our favorite pork dishes and drink two liters if beer before thanking our server Patrick and heading back to Wombats’.  The vomit smell was gone which pleased me.  After showers we headed down to the bar again and played “Guess Who” made famous by Inglorious Bastards.  The we met up with our friend Felix who took us with some if his fellow Germans to a bar off the grid on the “biggest party street in Munich”.  The night became a fest of flying deers (Jäger Bombs to Americans), telling Felix he speaks shit English, and an all-around drinking show at this bar.  Teddy was being escorted out at around 3:30 so we figured it was about time to go.  To this day we have no idea why Teddy was kicked out, but laugh still at the “X” they slashed through his stamp which meant he was allowed to drink.  Just to make the whole night better, two things happened: 1) Teddy passed out in the subway back and 2) Dan argued with a girl about our policy with China for the entire subway ride back….it was awesome.

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