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Online Journal: Munich Day 3/Bled Day 1 (05/16/2013)

We had definitely drank ourselves silly for two days in Munich.  So it was a ugly scene for the hours we sat in the train station after our 10:00 o’clock checkout from Wombats’.  We got some pizza on the streets, houses bottles if water, and overall just moaned and groaned a lot.  The train ride was beyond gorgeous, however, as we passed mountain streams, mountains, fields of the yellow crop, and just the best landscapes on can conjure in his or her mind.  When we arrived in Bled it was raining, of course, but we were greeted at the bus stop by a sage man.  His greeting?  “Hello there, boys.  Just toss your backpacks under here and we’ll get to Bled in two stops.”  He was so wise.  I wish we could have shot the breeze with him or stayed at his house or something because I feel it would’ve advanced me as a human being.  Despite the rain, Bled was awesome. Bled rain awesome, unlike stupidfaced Prague rain.  We followed our obscure directions to the Jazz Hostel where we met Jani (a soft J…like Paul Janish) our landlord for the next few nights.  He showed us the ropes if the hostel and the small mountain town.  The change of pace form Munich to Bled is about as extreme as one can get.  We relaxed and cooked ourselves a pasta dinner which tasted better than imaginable after all the fried food we had consumed on our adventure.  We played 500 Rummy in order to waste away the night of our arrival, preparing for a day which Jani said would consist of only local showers.  We met one other group staying at the hostel.  Two adolescent daters who claimed to be from “just south of the UK”.  To this day, we have not made a decision if they live on an island, just south of London, or in France but we did decide them saying that is where they are from is stupid.  I had the top bunk when we went to sleep…and it was the loudest and most creaky bunk ever.  Also, Yani made then by stacking two beds on top of each other so my nights were spent in constant fear of crushing Dan…which I think would be a bad thing.


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