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Online Journal: Novalja Day 2 (05/20/2013)

I felt a little sickly the morning of our second day on the beaches of Novalja, but I mustered my courage and rolled off my top bunk which wasn’t about to collapse like Jani’s homemade version.  We had one singular motive for our day: laying in the sun on the beach for hours.  We ate a modest breakfast before returning to the train station to inquire about tickets to Zagreb.  The man in charge told us we could pick up tickets for a 11:50 bus which went from Zadar and then onto Zagreb the next day before we boarded.  We thanked him and scampered back to Big Yellow House to prepare for beach dwelling.  We had a slight hike–made difficult thanks to my obnoxious sandals– to the main beach area.  Upon reaching it, I collapsed into a car and prepared for a long afternoon of nothingness.  I partook in nothing more than roasting in the Croatian sun and rolling over for the next four hours when our stomachs finally got the better of us and we regrettably returned to Big Yellow House where we prepared for finding what we should eat…obviously we decided to just cook ourselves and we conjured some taco salad-esque meal from ground beef, lettuce, cheese, rice, and various spices.  The meat’s flavor was dynamite!  After dinner we were ready for a nice night.  Teddy and I fetched another 2 liters of beer from the grocery (along with cookies and milk which were delicious!).  Our evening began by playing Gin Rummy and Asshole with Sean, Rynotto, another Big Yellow worker named Luka and various others who partook in the game.  After some hilarious moments with the little man rule, the “drink, drank, drunk” rule, Viking rule, and F**k you 5’s we decided to test our luck with the Novalja bars…. Which was an utter disappointment.  I did get to see my first completely barren club which we passed by without giving it a second glance.  Some bars were a little crowded, but we decided we would have a better time returning to Big Yellow House and joking around with the staff and other guests.  Upon our return, the BYH staff was in a heated discussion with some Finnish guests about the existence of the musical artist HIM.  You know….the guy who sings “Wings of a Butterfly” and……….I think that’s it.  Later, Rynotto produced a homemade tequila he dubbed rahkia.  He informed us it was a plun rahkia and my mond leapt to the disgusting plum shot we drank on Budapest.  The plum rahkia smelled like your nightmare andad I threw it down it tasted like your nightmare as well….so it smelled and tasted like a goliath bird eating spider dipped in mustard.  So we took some of those awful, awful shots until one-by-one we bid adieu and headed off to bed.


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