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Online Journal: Zagreb Day 1 (05/21/2013)

As you remember from the previous post, our bus left Novalja at 11:50 and waking up at 10:30 left us no room for error as we prepared for the final leg on our journey: Zagreb, Croatia.  We spent the first 6 hours of our day on buses traversing the Croatian countryside.  It was a rather listless and humdrum time so I’ll spare you the details and let you know it involved much sitting, staring out widows, and reading.  Eventually we reached Zagreb and hopped on the old 6 trolley headed toward the apex of our journey: The Hobo Bear.  My excitement to finally have reached the Hobo Bear was evident was we rounded a corner.  We walked a few paces and were greeted by a sign on a graffitied door…things were looking down.  We strolled into the Hobo Bear which was located in the basement of the building and soon found it was THE GREATEST HOSTEL EVER JUST AS I ALWYS KNEW IT WOULD BE!!  The receptionist led us to our room and we hurriedly threw down our backpacks as we needed to satiate the hunger which had built up from hours of bus riding.  We visited a few ATM’s because we are apparently inept at using the machines.  Our dinner choice was a local brewery whose name I cannot recall because it was something Croatian-y.  We drank the local brew and feasted on some grilled pork and french fries.  We head back to the ¡HOBO BEAR! after dinner and decided we needed to do a little drinking on our final night (in theory) on Europe.  The receptionist kindly allowed us to buy three rounds at 9:50–happy hour at Hobo Bear goes from 9 until 10–and keep them in the fridge behind the desk.  We played some drunk Gin Rummy.  After winning, Dan retired because his allergies had flares up.  Left a man down, Teddy and I ingratiated ourselves to the receptionist and have her one of Dan’s beers from the third round.  She finished her work at midnight while Teddy and I played on of the more intense games of drunk war Croatia had ever seen eventually culminating in a Teddy victory.  Then we two surviving Bross boys and the receptionist–affectionately called G.G. by the Hobo Bear staff and now Teddy and I–headed out for a bar where G.G. said we’d meet some of her friends.  We cheerily strolled down the street toward the bar where we ran into one of G.G.’s friends, Dom.  He joined us on our trek and we eventually reached to small bar which is now known as pure hell.  It seemed the patrons of the bar were attempting to hot box the building with cigarette smoke.  My lungs screamed and I panicked unnaturally as I was encased what was without a doubt the smokiest room on planet earth at that juncture.  Teddy and I lasted only a single drink purchased by Dom before getting the hell out of that hellhole.  We spent a little time drinking and ridiculing the patrons of a club–Pepermint–a little further down the road.  We returned to Hobo Bear where we went to bed.


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