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We’re off and running in the college football season!  Welcome to conference play, boys and girls!  Before we begin, let us offer a few moments of silence in honor of the end of Breaking Bad…………………….thank you.

#16 Ole Miss, 4-1 (Lost Alabuhmuh 0-25): Ole Miss makes its “triumphant” return to realism following this week’s loss to the Crimson Tide.  Ole Miss could muster only 205 yards of total offense, but the run defense is far more worrisome.  A.J. McCarron is was relatively stifled, but the Tide ran for 254.  Ole Miss needs to rebound against Auburn this week if they wanted to keep a place.

#15 Baylor, 3-0 (BYE): Baylor cruised through a second bye week already in just five weeks of games.  The Bears prepare for the Big 12 schedule facing them, which sets up favorably with Oklahoma and Texas Tech (arguably the Bears two biggest rivals this season) having to visit Waco.  West Virginia, Kansas State, Iowa State, and Kansas allow for the offense to reboot before facing three other AP (vomit) teams in three weeks.

#14 Oklahoma, 4-0 (def. Notre Dame 35-21): This game was not even close to a fourteen point game.  The Sooners avenged last season’s puzzling loss in Norman in an embarrassing fashion, thanks in part to Tommy Three Turnovers three turnovers.  The Sooners displace the bye week ridden Northwestern Wildcats thanks to a overall dominating performance in South Bend against a strong defensive team in Notre Dame…passing ability of Notre Dame?  no comment.

#13 Miami Florida, 4-0 (def. South Florida 49-21): A couple of South Florida garbage time tuddies made this game closer on the surface.  Delve deeper and it’s clear this was just another manhandling of a far inferior team by The U.  An ACC game against the Ga-Tech triple option should refresh the memories of the Hurricanes what it’s like to play viable competition.

#12 Louisville, 4-0 (BYE): The Cardinals spend their bye week praying for a Central Florida upset of South Carolina, only to be left as disappointed as John Bender on Christmas.

#11 UCLA, 3-0 (BYE): The Bruins also took the week off.  Utah and Cal should be tasty openers in the Pac-12 before back-to-back visits to Palo Alto and Eugene…Stanford and Oregon.  Time to find out how REAL UCLA is in just a few short weeks.

#10 Florida State, 4-0 (def. Boston College 48-34): Florida State needed to shrug off a sluggish start and have an answered prayer as the first half expired to lead after two quarters against an ACC bottom-feeder.  Next two weeks offer better gauge of the Seminoles as Maryland visits Tallahassee and a potential game to decided a spot in the BCS National Championship as the Noles head to the “real” Death Valley to face Clemson.

#9 Texas A&M, 4-1 (def. Arkansas 45-33): It’s getting crowded at the top as many teams dispatched quality competition, but the top of the field managed to escape without many blemishes.  A&M falls because the defensive trouble is beginning to look…well…troubling.  Any off game for the offense and the Aggies are in big time trouble in what appears to be an offensively ferocious SEC.


It’s halftime…thankfully.  My ideal Breaking Bad ending?  As Jesse rode into the evening, rebel yelling and bringing pounding hearts and teary eyes to the millions watching, Walt meanders into the cooking lab as portrayed in Felina; however, rather than show emotional closeness to the product, Walt finishes the cook Jesse had began.  The product is…well…produced and Walt tests the purity.  The result is his most pure and Heisenberg methamphetamine he has ever cooked.  Walt takes the product and, for the first time in the series, tries his product.  He then lays on the ground and allows himself to die as the finale already portrayed.  Okay, now I understand this may make Walt seem less “pure” at the end of the series than he does; after all, one may argue this is the first time Walt is the former Walter White and less Heisenberg in the entirety of Season 5, but I just would have lost it the moment Walt inhaled his first hit of Blue Sky.  The man finally is able to appreciate his talent and effort in the most extreme way, and it is something I felt Walt’s character deserved in the end.  Walt admitted to Skyler he made the methamphetamine because he was “good at it”, and for him to finally be able to experience the product would have been a highly fitting ending the life of that man…now, my only real question is why was Marie allowed to live?  She’s jsut awful.


#8 Ohio State, 5-0 (def. Wisconsin 31-24): It’s good to have the Bucks back on this side of halftime.  Late game Tressel-ball as Buckeye fans know it cost a wider margin of victory and nearly allowed Wisconsin to make a comeback in the fourth.  Brax City returned and tossed four touchdowns without a turnover, but the front 7 of Ohio State earn the “A” grade for keeping Melvin Gordon and James White honest…that grade is immediately dropped to a “B” due to failure to rattle Stalve, but the Bucks are 17-0 in the last 17.  A visit to Northwestern with College Gameday present awaits.

#7 Stanford, 4-0 (def. Washington State 55-17): At minimum we learned Stanford is better than USC.  The Cardinal were a hot “upset” pick this week, but 560 yards of total offense later the Cardinal are riding high.  This week Washington comes to Palo Alto where REAL College Gameday is heading.

#6 Washington, 4-0 (def. Arizona 31-13): The same type of defensive intensity and loyalty to the running game would behoove the Huskies this upcoming weekend against Stanford.  Washington has the talent to hang with the big boys, but the question is can they keep from avoiding the turnover which dooms road teams to losses against titans more often than not?

#5 Alabuhmuh, 4-0 (def. Ole Miss 25-0): Does a 25 point victory against Ole Miss trump a 49 point win against Wake Forest?  Usually, but Alabuhmuh continues to tempt me into saying they’ll be upset soon.  The Tide’s passing game has been dreadful against any team without Johnny Ca$h at Quarterback.  Don’t look for the TIde’s first loss to come this week against FBS-FCS fringe team Georgia State riding into Tuscaloosa.  This may be a needed opportunity for McCarron and company to find a rhythm before the meat of SEC play.

#4 Clemson, 4-0 (def. Wake Forest 56-7): Tajh Boyd recorded his 100th career touchdown.  Congratulations.  #OctoberNineteenth

#3 Louisiana State, 4-1 (lost Georgia 41-44): So #2 last week loses to #3 last week?  Seems like a pretty easy call to just have them switch spots.  LSU looked extremely strong against Georgia.  This offense would have never dreamed of 41 points just two years ago, but Zach Mettenberger continues to excel in the spotlight.  In no way have  I forgotten my dream of an LSU-Oregon National Championship, but the prospects are dim without eight straight wins through the SEC Championship game in December.

#2 Georgia, 3-1 (def. LSU 44-41): Sure, Clemson is seething with a win over the higher ranked Georgia Bulldogs on the docket, but since that game Georgia has conquered this RT16 favorite and AP darling South Carolina.  Georgia’s offense is yet to miss a beat this season and, despite the worrisomely undependable defensive play through four games, there is no reason to think anything besides a Georgia dominated SEC East from here until the end of the season.  Say what you want about the World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party, but the party will be a little less fun than Project X…and I mean a lot less.

#1 Oregon, 4-0 (Slaughtered Cal): I am beginning to feel bad putting Oregon’s scores up.


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