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So here we are again, ladies and gentlemen.  It would seem this college football season is rolling along as mostly expected.  This weekend featured Ole Miss deciding it wasn’t REAL in the least bit…much to my chagrin.  #16 remains in limbo as nothing seems to give…might as well just keep throwing SEC teams in there, huh?…oh and Northwestern is nipping at their heels.

#16 South Carolina, 4-1 (def. Kentucky 35-28): Clowney did not play in this game, but seriously does anyone even care about the guy anymore besides the Jags and Rams (who have the Redskins draft pick for round 1 this year…be made aware)?  South Carolina has not seen the RT16 since their week 2 loss to Georgia, but the Bulldogs have been rolling right along, which fortunately for the so far pedestrian looking Gamecocks raises their stock.  This game actually was not close for 50 minutes, but a furious rally late almost left me having Auburn in the RT16…what a shame that would have been.

#15 Oklahoma, 5-0 (def. TCU 20-17): Wins against TCU are becoming evermoreso (word?) less impressive.  The Horned Frogs are beaten and bruised at 2-3 and this game was in Norman so I would have liked Oklahoma and the for some reason incredibly skilled passing Blake Bell to have rolled a little more.  The Sooners took care of business, relatively speaking, and don’t deserve to be eliminated from Realism…especially following the embarrassment that was the most dominating 14 point win in history in South Bend last weekend.  With the Red River Rivalry this week, expect Oklahoma to massacre Texas again this year.

#14 Louisville, 5-0 (def. Temple 30-7): Teddy Bridgewater looked spectacular, especially in the first half of a not at all surprising dominating performance for the Cardinals against Temple.  Louisville needs to start praying for losses to rain down on the AP top 10 or else the Cardinals have no chance of making the BCS National Title Game…but should easily cruise to an American Conference crown and the (VOMIT) automatic bid the shameful conference earns.

#13 UCLA, 4-0 (def. Utah 34-27): Salt Lake City is not only a Delta hub city, it is also one of the most underrated college environments; that is to say, the Utah Utes are extremely tough at home.  That said, this win was not pretty enough to keep UCLA on their fast upward swing in the RT16 and the Bruins tumble a couple of spots.  UCLA should obliterate California this weekend before back-to-back weekends visiting Pac-12 South and perhaps National powerhouses Stanford and Oregon.  You want to be Real?

#12 Texas A&M, 4-1 (BYE): The Aggies may be minor league AP darlings (still sitting in the top 10 AHEAD OF LSU?!?!  HOLY SHIT), but they will receive no special treatment despite Johnny Manziel being my absolute idol.  The BYE kills the Aggies this week, dropping three spots and teetering on the edge of falling more if UCLA impresses against Oregon and Stanford.

#11 Miami Florida, 5-0 (def. Georgia Tech 45-30): I loved LOVED the win over Georgia Tech on Saturday.  Miami’s home field advantage is one of the worst in sports because the city of Miami is the garbage dump of the sports fan world…sorry, but it’s true, ask The Heat.  The final score was closer to 45-23 then 45-30 with the garbage time tuddy the Yellow Jackets scored.  Stephen Morris needs to stay away from mistakes when the Canes meet Florida State down the road.  Duke Johnson is looking reered sauce…but he also needs to stray away from the Tommy Rees turnover bug.

#10 Baylor, 4-0 (def. West Virginia 73-42): Why do the Bears, whose schedule might just be softer so far than Louisville’s, climb this high in the RT16?  Because I honestly believe that the Bears are going to go undefeated this season and run away, with hundreds of points and thousands of yards, with the Big 12.  The Bears are nearing 800 yards per game offensively and a brain-splitting, shit-inducing 70.5 points per game.  Is Baylor the best team in the Big 12?  Probably not, but their offense is head and shoulders above the competition.  No one will be able to slow the Bears down enough in the Big 12.  A BCS Bowl game awaits.

#9 Washington, 4-1 (lost Stanford 28-35): My darlings go down to the Cardinal in Palo Alto by 3?  Washington should be impressed with the effort, especially defensively.  Looking at the box score, one would never have guessed Washington lost this game.  The Huskies mustered over 200 more yards than Stanford and equaled this juggernaut in the turnover battle.  How did the Cardinal win?  Thank special teams, especially the kick off return game.  It gets no easier for Washington as Oregon visits Seattle.  Expect the Oregon offense to finally slow down a little…but I don’t think it’ll be enough for Washington to keep up.  Keep the Ducks on upset alert, nonetheless.

It’s halftime….seemed to take a while to get here.  College Gameday was at Northwestern this weekend, so let’s talk about academics!  I’m wondering what the opinion is of my blog following contingent: is having an academically strong program an advantage or disadvantage.  Say you’re Pat Fitzgerald trying to convince a recruit to come to Northwestern over say Ohio State or Louisville or Texas or Illinois or wherever; do you lead off the conversation with how much more academically proficient you are?  I would.  I would belabor how transient a football career can be.  Injury can derail any career in a split second and God even knows if your high school success will translate to college success.  Going to college, yes even for football players, is about far more than football.  You never know how your football career will end, but imagine being able to jaunt into a job interview with “I graduated from Northwestern” on your resume.  Obviously, Northwestern, Notre Dame, Michigan, Stanford, etc. cannot recruit players some players because they aren’t quite academically admirable; however, they can get commitments from some players solely thanks to academic proficiency.  If I was a football recruit, God forbid, I would entertain offers only from the most highly academically strong schools which pursued me.  Call me a nerd….I DARE YOU!!!…but having the opportunity to attend a school of the Northwestern ilk FOR FREE on football scholarship is unimaginable for the likes of me.

#8 Ohio State, 5-0 (def. Northwestern 40-30): I laughed a little getting to type 40-30 and not 34-30.  Many a bookie was seething at the Buckeye touchdown with 00:00 left on the clock, but hey that’s why it’s gambling?  Ohio State’s victory should not be taken lightly.  Northwestern may not receive the national recognition of most AP top 25 teams, but the Wildcats are a solid opponent and winning anywhere ON THE ROAD against any team is a phenomenal accomplishment at this level of College Football.  Ask Georgia how easy it is to beat a mediocre opponent on the road.  Ohio State is biding its time.  Northwestern will likely finish the year >=9-3 and Michigan looms to add one more boast to the Bucks’ resume.

#7 Stanford, 5-0 (def. Washington 31-28): I said last week that it is getting crowded at the top.  Teams are going to have a hard time moving up until these teams start losing either to each other or get upset.  Stanford deserves to be ranked higher than 7, but there is no way I can drop any of the teams ranked above them at this juncture.  Georgia had the worst victory over the weekend, but the Dawgs maintain the country’s most impressive resume.  Oregon, Stanford, and Georgia all are in awkward situations this weekend, so shuffling may ensue.

#6 Alabuhmuh, 5-0 (def. Georgia State 45-3): The Tide rolled Georgia State….but the Panthers are absolutely awful.  SEC time is picking up, but the Tide have arguably the easiest SEC West schedule this year while LSU plays arguably the toughest.  It’s a shame we have to wait until November 9th for that contest…patience.

#5 Florida State, 5-0 (def. Maryland 63-0): This score is honestly ineffably impressive.  Maryland rolled into Tallahassee with so much emotion and vigor one might have actually had Florida State on upset alert.  Lee Corso called this one “closer than the experts think” (drink) worthy and I think Mark May picked the Terrapins…or I hope so because Mark May deserves the embarrassment.  The Noles are on BYE this week and then the moment every ACC fan has been waiting for as FSU visits the “Real” Death Valley on October 19th.  Clemson fans prepare appropriately.

#4 Clemson, 5-0 (def. Syracuse 49-14): The working metronome in this game was the arm of Tajh “Dat Dude” Boyd and his 455 passing yards added to 5 tuddies.  Anyone suspicious of a Tiger letdown this week was put to shame…I think Mark May actually picked the Orange.  Boston College is the tune-up for Florida State this weekend.  Hopefully Clemson rolls so we can actually have the beautiful match we’re all praying for October 19th.

#3 Louisiana State, 5-1 (def. Miss State 59-26): I don’t understand how a 3 point loss on the road to Georgia translates to “Drop this team to #10 and keep them there forever” to the AP, but I’m sticking by my guns on the Tigers.  I still think LSU will take down Buhmuh in Tuscaloosa in a few weeks.  I’d call a loss at home to Florida this week a huge letdown because there is no way Florida should be able to hang with the Tigers offensively.  Zach Mettenberger might have uttered the nerdiest statement calling alcohol “liquid courage” on College Gameday this weekend, but that doesn’t mean the guy can’t play Quarterback.  You want my line for this weekend’s game?  How’s a pick: LSU 38-Florida 20

#2 Georgia, 4-1 (def. Tennessee 34-31 OT): Remember when Oregon slaughtered Tennessee like the fatted calf a few weeks ago?  Well if Georgia is my biggest contender to the Ducks, this game looks a little inauspicious.  Call it a post-LSU hangover and wait for Georgia and Aaron Murray to get back into the swing of big scores and big margins against Missouri at home this weekend.  No losses in sight until the SEC Championship game.

#1 Oregon 5-0, (def. Colorado 57-16): They showed a highlight where Colorado went up 10-8.  I giggled thinking of the gargantuan final score line.  I told my friend 80-10…I tried my best, but Oregon isn’t as explosive in high altitude.


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