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Picks Against the Spread: Week 11


Game Spread Pick Info
#16 Missouri @ Kentucky Mizzou -14.5 Mizzou I believe in The Missouri Tigers…Missouri is 6-2-1 against the spread this season and have only lost to South Carolina in the SEC so far.  Kentucky hasn’t beaten an SEC team yet this season, so I don’t really see the Wildcats pulling this one out…although these are the games which often end in upsets for some reason.
#15 Oklahoma @ #7 Baylor Baylor -14.5 Oklahoma Oklahoma has the lowest spread of any Baylor opponent this season.  The second lowest?  -17 against Kansas State and Baylor’s only loss against the spread this year.  I have the Bears on upset alert this Thursday, so I guess I have to take the Sooners in the spread.
#14 Texas @ West Virginia Texas -6.5 Texas Texas is going to hold down Dana Holgresen’s fading hairline and offense.  Texas hasn’t exactly blown the doors off the spread this year, but the defense is improving and I guess I have unwarranted faith in the Longhorns.
#13 Central Florida vs Houston UCF -10.5 Houston Houston is the proverbial Obi-Wan Kenobi to any hopes of Central Florida losing this year.  The Cougars have had a solid season.  The Knights have only one loss against the spread (6-1 on the year) and that came against Memphis a few weeks back…however, Houston gives UCF it’s best punch, following just short.  UCF wins, but Houston gets the check.
#12 UCLA @ Arizona UCLA -1.0 UCLA Arizona only gets 1.0 points?  I don’t know why people have gotten so down on UCLA.  The Bruins still have plenty to play for this season and it starts with Arizona this year.  If the Bruins can’t beat the Wildcats, they will quickly run out of things to play for (#Pasedena).
#11 Wisconsin vs BYU Wis -7.5 BYU I don’t think Wisconsin is going to lose, but the BYU Cougars run the ball very effectively and so do the Badgers.  This will be a short, low-scoring affair and thus it will be tough for Wisconsin to win by more than a touchdown.  Wisconsin gets the win, but BYU gets the check.
#10 The U vs Virginia Tech The U -6.5 Va-Tech I’m seriously worried about The U this weekend.  Va-Tech’s defense is going to give the U a ton of trouble, especially with big time runner Duke “Dat Dude” Johnson out.  Miami is only .500 against the spread and is 0-3 in the last three.
#9 Auburn @ Tennessee Aub -7.5 Tennessee I decided to try to shit on Auburn this week by placing the Tigers on upset alert against Tennessee.  I’m 1-0 taking the Vols in upsets this year.  The Vols are still undefeated in the SEC at home against the spread…is this conincidence or do they get up for conference at Neyland?
#8 LSU @ #3 Buhmuh Buhmuh -12.5 LSU I’m hoping LSU beats Buhmuh, and so I am obliged to pick the Tigers to win, put the Tide on upset alert, and pick LSU against the spread.  I’m not about to say I actually think LSU wins, but I really really want the Tigers to pull one out of their ass.  Heart over head?
#6 Stanford @ #2 Oregon UO -10.5 Stanford When teams like this play, I have so much trouble picking against the spread.  I like Oregon to win the ball game; however, I have a hard time David Shaw not being able to keep the game within 10 points.  Oregon has so much explosivness, so it’s risky to ever pick them against the spread…ugh.
#1 Florida State @ Wake Forest FSU -35 FSU Florida State is unstoppable.  I have no qualms taking 35 points against Wake Forest for the Noles.  We’ll see what happens, but no qualms.



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