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The SEC is definitely back in business in the RT16.  The return of two more teams gives America’s most vaunted conference 5 teams.  Michigan State, Oklahoma State, and Oklahoma are left just on the outside looking in after the Sooners failed to prove its gumption against Baylor and the Cowboys/Spartans continued cruising over the riffraff.  It’s a big weekend for both Sparty and Okie State with tough road games against Nebraska and #13 Texas respectively.

#16 South Carolina, 7-2 (BYE): South Carolina beating Florida won’t be very impressive to the committee, after all, the Gators are not bowl eligible after Week 11 for the first time since 2011 or two years ago.  Florida’s phony BCS berth from a year ago and opportunity seems pretty far off being Urban mired in a 4 game slump.  Anyway, back to the Gamecocks.  South Carolina leans heavily on past wins and can thank Miami Florida and Va-Tech’s current inabilities to win for the place back in the RT16.  Wins over RT16 members UCF and Missouri on the road certainly help as well.

#15 Missouri, 9-1 (def. Kentucky 48-17): Is Missouri underrated by the brain trust here?  Suddenly, wins over Florida and Georgia aren’t as impressive as at first glance.  Georgia squeaked by Florida and both have been routinely dispatched by America’s darlings Vanderbilt (Anchor down?) since Mizzou’s victories.  Johnny Ca$h and the suddenly RT16 resurgent Aggies wait at the end of the year…and Missouri needs to win that game and find a way against Buhmuh in the SEX-iest conference title game in order to have any hopes of a REAL BCS title berth.

#14 Texas, 7-2 (def. West Virginia 47-40 OT): No one said it was going to be pretty watching Texas romp to the Big 12 title game.  Having to battle through a pretty terrible West Virginia team is nothing for Mack Brown to hang his hat on; however, they continue en route to the Big 12 title I predicted so eloquently in August.  Here come the rest of the Big 12…umm….heavyweights?

#13 Central Florida, 7-1 (def. Houston 19-14): A lot of talk during our favorite drinking event this Saturday morning about Central Florida being underrated?  Well, right now that “underrated” nature is what is keeping Fresno State in the “Automatic” bid range in the BCS picture right now.  As the most hardcore of BCS defenders, I have to admit there are some completely ridiculous and overall embarrassing rules such as the one which resulted in the Miami Massacre which was actually pretty close last season.  Well, anyway, Central Florida was catapulted up the AP, Coaches, and Harris polls this past week, but a puzzlingly low computer rating has things looking sketchy.

#12 UCLA, 7-2 (def. Arizona 31-26): I continue my defense of the Bruins.  I want to move the Bruins higher, but cannot bring myself to drop the other teams down.  Beating Arizona is no small task, I swear to all of you loyal readers.  The Wildcats 3 losses this year are to my beloved Washington Huskies, the team formerly known as USC, and then of course the Bruins this past week.  UCLA has ample opportunities to continue building the resume in the next weeks.  First, UCLA welcomes my beloved Huskies and the sometimes bad but usually good Arizona State Sun Devils to Los Angeles.  Finally, what is annually the most amazingly apathetic rivalry game in college football occurs when USC “welcomes” UCLA.

#11 Wisconsin, 7-2 (def. BYU 27-17): Don’t hate on the BYU victory, after all, this was only the Cougars third loss this year.  I don’t want to look like I’m hopping on the Wisconsin bandwagon, but the truth is I’ve been on it since they lost to Ohio State so long ago.  The Badgers should continue to make itself look even better by slaughtering the other Big Ten weaklings remaining on the schedule (also known as Indiana, Minnesota, and Penn State).

#10 Louisiana State, 7-3 (lost Buhmuh 17-38): I can’t punish LSU too much because the only reason they were supposed to beat Buhmuh is because I’m an Ohio State fan, so they only fall a couple of spots.  My generosity is at an alltime high, but Georgia is finally proving itself to be Georgia, making LSU’s loss seem less terrible and Ole Miss hasn’t loss since they managed to upset LSU a few weeks back.  LSU’s defense might be wishing for yet another new pair of underwear after playing my main man Ca$h Mon€y in a couple of weeks after this week’s much needed bye.

#9 Texas A&M, 8-2 (def. Mississippi State 51-41): My boy Johnny Ca$h has two losses this year…to numbers nine and two in our beloved RT16.  I can’t believe I ever doubted my boy Johnny and company, but in the end Texas A&M has been the beneficiary of Auburn’s success in the RT16.  They are streaking up the charts and shall continue to do so if both they and Auburn continue winning….oh and with LSU and Missouri left on the docket, Johnny Ca$h can help the Aggies jump a little bit with those two RT16 Teams.

Welcome to half time.  What I want to talk about is the whole ordeal with Jonathon what is his face and that mystery man for the Miami Dolphins…wait, I don’t want to ever have to hear/talk about that nonsense ever again.  See Ya!

#8 Auburn, 9-1 (def. Tennessee 55-23): Auburn is absolutely rolling right now and did exactly what South Carolina couldn’t and beat Tennessee in Neyland.  Ignore my 0-3 record in upset alerts this week and focus on how I have begun to more accurately predict the RT16!  Auburn has two extremely difficult home games to finish out the regular season with suddenly revitalized Georgia and then the suddenly offensively proficient Buhmuh.  We’ll see what happens, but it’s go time.

#7 Clemson, 8-1 (BYE), With any hopes of an ACC title game evaporating and any hopes of a BCS National Title Game completely eradicated, Clemson now must focus on a BCS Bowl berth…or a REAL BCS Bowl berth because that’s what everyone is really fighting for at this point.  You’re probably wondering what is on the horizon for this little old Southern team?  Homes games against Georgia Tech and MY FAVORITE TEAM IN HISTORY The Citadel before they playing current #16 South Carolina in Columbia in one of the game’s most forgotten rivalries.

#6 Baylor, 8-0 (def. Oklahoma 41-12): I thought Baylor was going down this week, but ever since Curtis Jerrells spawned my “Sic’em” attitude back in the late 2000’s (literally 2005-2009), I’ve been rooting for the Bears…this year has turned into an exception with these Bears competing with my Buckeyes for a possible National Championship game should Buhmuh or Florida State slip and slide away with all respect to Paul Simon.  Baylor doesn’t have a great shot at a REAL National Title, but we’re not pretending it’s impossible.

#5 Oregon, 8-1 (lost Stanford 20-26): It is pretty much a fact, Oregon will never beat Stanford in a meaningful game every again.  The Ducks have an Achilles heel and it would appear it took some of the nation’s biggest nerds to find it an then repeatedly take advantage of it like Oregon is that kid at shortstop who can’t field a ground ball to save his soul.  The only question left for the Ducks is that is going 11-1 acceptable every year while losing to a team which offered Utah its only victory in October?

#4 Stanford, 8-1 (def. Oregon 26-20): What does Stanford need to jump Ohio State?  Well, besides an implausible, but certainly not impossible, Buckeye loss, a few poor Buckeye poor performances OR a Wisconsin loss will help to knock the Bucks down.  Stanford might get a little more help from the schedule if they play a two loss UCLA team in the Pac-12 Championship.

#3 Ohio State, 9-0 (BYE): As I hold strong to my belief that Ohio State could beat Utah on the road, I move the Bucks to third this week and began to look a little more like the computers as each week goes past.  Ohio State might not have been able to take Oregon, but don’t ask Evan Spencer who is being absolutely trashed for his confidence in his team after saying the Buckeyes could “wipe the floor” with Buhmuh or FSU.  While we clearly don’t agree on the exact content, I love Spencer’s confidence.  The Bucks may never receive the chance to prove it, but a REAL Rose Bowl appearance needs to be the focus at this point.

#2 Alabuhmuh, 9-0 (def. LSU 38-17): I think we’re all just waiting for the Iron Bowl at this point.  Are we sleeping on Mississippi State and FCS Southeast?  Yes, yes we are.

#1 Florida State, 9-0 (mauled Wake Forest): Is there anyway Florida State loses this year?  I’m teetering on the edge of a “No” vote, but stranger things have happened to Stanford this year.


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