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Picks Against the Spread: Week 12


Game Spread Pick Info
#16 South Carolina vs Florida S. Car -13.5 Florida Florida is only 4-5 against the spread…so why my confidence in the Gators?  Well, Muschamp is going to be going crazy as Robin Williams in his terrible new sitcome because if the Gators don’t end up bowl eligible his time in Gainesville is just about over.  Florida gets the check, but South Carolina will win in what will be a close, low-scoring contest.
#14 Texas vs Oklahoma State Okie St. -3 Texas It’s honestly picking with my heart or my head…fortunately they are both saying Texas.  The Longhorns shut down Oklahoma earlier this year and I expect the Longhorns defense to put up a more herculean effort and hold the Cowboys to roughly 28 or 31 points while the offense manages >34.
#13 Central Florida @ Temple UCF -16.5 UCF No reason to expect UCF to lose to this spread.  Temple is 1-8 on the year…against the spread, you might ask: how’s 6-3 and 6-1 against BCS conference teams+Notre Dame?  Still, UCF is even better against the spread (6-2) although both losses have come as the favorite.
#12 UCLA vs Washington UCLA -2.5 UCLA TALK ABOUT HEAD VS HEART!!!  My beloved Huskies find themselves in the Picks Against the Spread, but at what cost?!?  UCLA is quickly becoming one of my new darlings, without the whole moving up the rankings part, and have far more to play for than the Huskies.  I really want to pick Washington…am I allowed to pick UCLA against the spread while still putting them on upset alert? >:|
#11 Wisconsin vs Indiana Wisc -21.0 Wisconsin So I picked against the Wisconsin’s spread last week, accepting the points…I like to think I learn from my mistakes.  Wisconsin’s margain of victory against teams not named Ohio State in the Big Ten is actually exactly 25.75 and the Badgers are 4-0 against the spread in those games.  No reason to expect anything different against hapless Indiana.
#8 Auburn vs Georgia Auburn -4.0 Auburn I don’t necessarly think Auburn is going to win this game, in fact, I’d be less than surprised if Georgia pulled off the pseudo-upset.  The Dawgs are getting back to normal and when they were normal were a Top 5 RT16 team.  Against the spread, Georgia has lost the last four against the spread and Auburn has been a solid pick.  Throw away those goddamn points.
#7 Clemson vs Georgia Tech Clem -10.5 Ga-Tech I’m nervous for Clemson.  Remember the whole Clemson-ing thing everyone has been saying this whole year?  Welcome to perhaps the final chance for a true “Clemson” by Clemson.  Sub-par talent hasn’t challneged Clemson too much, but here we go.  Ga-Tech is only 4-5 agaisnt the spread, but something has me thinking Rambling Wreck this week.
#6 Baylor vs Texas Tech Bay -27.0 Baylor Baylor is 7-1 against the spread.  Still the only loss is to Kansas State.  This was looking like a showdown, but Texas Tech has lost three straight.  Tech is 5-5 versus the spread, but has zero wins on the last three.  Advtange, Baylor.
#5 Oregon vs Utah UO -25 Oregon I think the oddsmakers forgot who Oregon is because they lost to Stanford.  The Ducks are going to handle Utah and if it stays a 25 point game in Eugene it is simply because the Ducks have stopped trying after the first quarter.
#4 Stanford @ USC Stan -3.5 Stanford I’d be more than a little surprised if USC kept this game within a touchdown.  Stanford is only 5-4 against the spread, and USC has won 4 straight in conference against the spread…but the Trojans just aren’t very good and the location of “America’s Favorite Drinking Game” since LSU-Georgia has resulted in a blowout.
#3 Ohio State @ Illinois Bucks -32.0 Ohio State I don’t have any reason to think Ohio State is going to give up its current trend of stomping all over the Big Ten riffraff.  The beginning of the schedule was far heavier than Penn State and Purdue.  Illinois might have Scheelhaased Cincinnati, but we’re not anticipating a similar effort from Big Brother.
#2 Buhmuh @ Mississippi State Buhmuh -25.0 Buhmuh Buhmuh has been crushing the spread.  There is no reason to think Mississippi State can hang with the Tide who are absolutely cruising…I continue to disappoint your anticipation of the word roll…muhahaha
#1 Florida State vs Syracuse FSU -39.0 FSU I no longer care who Florida State is playing.  I’m picking them against the spread without hesitation.  The new Oregon.



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