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Picks Against the Spread: Week 14


Game Spread Pick Info
#16 South Carolina vs #5 Clemson S. Car. -5.0 Clemson The Tigers picked me up a win against THE CITADEL WHICH IS THE BEST TEAM EVER SO WHY WOULDN’T THEY BEAT THE SPREAD CeAGAINST THE MEASLY GAMECOCKS?
#15 Central Florida vs South Florida UCF -27.0 UCF UCF quick facts: 7-3 against the spread.  All three losses have come as a double figure favorite (Memphis, Houston, Temple).  The Knights beat a 17.5 spread against Rutgers last night.  South Florida is terrible.
#14 Mizzeruh vs #12 Texas A&M Mizzou -4.5 Texas A&M I’m taking the points.  I’m not sure if I feel Johnny Ca$h and company can take down Mizzeruh, but I just have to believe in my main man.  Missouri has way more motivation in this game.  Here are the facts: A&M is 5-6 against the spread, Mizzeruh is 8-2-1 versus the spread and 6-1 against the SEC, and Mizzeruh’s two spread losses are as a home favorite.
#13 Michigan State vs Minnesota MSU -14.5 Minn. I’m extremely nervous about picking against Michigan State.  The Spartans are 7-3-1 against the spread; however, they lost their only Big Ten spread when favored by more than 10 against Purdue.
#11 Louisiana State vs arKANSAS LSU -24.5 LSU I’ve picked against arKANSAS each time I’ve seen them play.  And I’m 3-0.  Hoorah.  My only concern is the SEX-iest conference playing a game before Saturday, but I guess this is Thanksgiving week and all so we’ll let them slide and keep considering them a real conference.
#10 Oregon vs Oregon State Oregon -23.0 Oregon St. This is the first time I’ve picked against the Ducks this season.  The Beavers have an explosive offense and should be able to keep up and keep it close.  Ducks get the win, but the Beavers get the check against Big Brother in the 2013 edition of Civil War.
#9 Arizona State vs Arizona ASU -10.5 ASU I picked against both of these teams, normally Pac-12 mediocre squads.  This year, both have been impressive at times and Arizona State CONTROLS ITS OWN DESTINY for the Pac-12 Championship Game.  No reason to think the motivation, home field advantage, and talent on Arizona State’s side keeps the game within two scores.
#8 Stanford vs Notre Dame Stan -14.5 Notre Dame I don’t think Notre Dame is very good, but 14.5 is just a huge spread for a rivalry game of this magnitude.  Even in years when one team has appeared out-matched, the academic battle royale seems to always be close.  Stanford gets the win, but I’m throwing away the points.
#7 Baylor @ TCU Baylor -13.0 Baylor I don’t really know who wouldn’t take these points.  It reminds me of the Oregon spread against Utah following the loss to Stanford…wait, Oregon is 0-3 in the last three against the spread?  They haven’t won since that depressing loss in Palo Alto?  Well then, maybe I should take the horned frogs……..nope.
#4 Auburn vs #2 Buhmuh Buhmuh -10.5 Auburn 10.5 in this edition of the Iron Bowl seems like a helluva lot, doesn’t it?  I mean this is supposed to be the biggest and most important game of the entire college football season.  Auburn had a bye week to prepare, has the type of offense that Buhmuh and Nick Saban hate to play against, and have so much fire/emotion following the epic win over Georgia.  I’m not saying Auburn wins, I’m just saying this one will likely come down to the wire.
#3 Ohio State @ M*#%*!&n Bucks -16 Ohio State You didn’t think an OSU alum would pick Michigan, did you?  I wouldn’t call myself entirely bias, but I’m definitely not a Kirk Herbstreit type who feels favoring his alma mater is the biggest crime this side of the equator.  Michigan has a lot of problems, namely running and throwing the ball on offense.  Ohio State should be able to put up as many points as Urban Meyer feels necessary.  We’ll see what happens.
#1 Florida State vs Florida FSU -27.5 Florida I actually care who Florida State is playing.  Florida at home, in this rivalry, Will Muschamp needing a saving grace for the season?  It’s tough to see the Gators not giving it their all and even having a punchers chance as the clock nears 00:00.

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