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I have a lot on my plate today, so I guess I’ll dive right in…don’t expect too much.

#16 Central Florida, 10-1 (def. South Florida 23-20): A disaster for the Knights this week at home against one of the worst teams in FBS.  Central Florida doesn’t look at all like a surefire winner in the American with a roadtrip to sneaky good SMU awaiting this week.  My fellow Bearcat fans will know exactly where they stand after playing for the Keg of Nails on Thursday…all I know is Central Florida has never been a bigger fan of Louisville.

#15 Louisiana State, 9-3 (def. arKANSAS 31-27): The Ole Miss loss in the Egg Bowl (America’s least favorite rivalry name) was certainly not helpful for LSU’s standing with the committee.  LSU also takes a freefall thanks to some nice wins for teams resting behind the Tigers including Mizzeruh and the Arizona State, Stanford, and Oregon wins all help out UCLA.  LSU makes REALISM one more week, but we’ll have to see what happens come this weekend.

#14 UCLA, 9-3 (def. USC 35-14): Ed Orgeron, USC now bids you farewell as head coach.  As for the Bruins, they manage to get through 2013 with only losses to REAL teams.  The others on the list who can claim that right?  Central Florida, Mizzeruh, Baylor, Clemson, Buhmuh, and Auburn…..oh and Florida State and Ohio State are undefeated.

#13 Michigan State, 11-1 (def. Minnesota 14-3): Not exactly a high scoring affair.  Michigan State’s usually awful offense seems to offer the Spartans zero opportunity of beating Ohio State this weekend in Indianapolis; however, a loss would in now way knock the Spartans from REALISM.  At this juncture, I’d expect Michigan State to get blown out, but then again, I’ve been surprised by things more odd than a Spartans win come Saturday night.

#12 Oregon, 10-2 (def. Oregon State 36-35): The Ducks are back on the winning track!  Barely.  Squeaking through the Civil War far less easily than the Union.  Oregon now prepares for…nothing.  Oregon is unlikely to make a BCS Bowl, although they are in a position for a REAL BCS Bowl…don’t get too excited, Oregon.

#11 Baylor, 10-1 (def. TCU 41-38): Baylor appears in Oregonian hangover mode at the moment.  If that’s true I have terrible news for Baylor against a pretty good Texas team this week.  The Bears were utterly unimpressive against TCU and the “explosive” offense was out gained by its the “incendiary” TCU counterparts.  The Bears are slip-sliding away.  I continue to preach the season was by no means a waste, but there is not a BCS Bowl in the future, mostly thanks to Buhmuh’s loss to Auburn.

#10 Mizzeruh, 11-1 (def. Texas A&M 28-21): So Mizzeruh is 11-1.  Very impressive in the big bad SEC…but it’s the SEC East.  The teams Mizzeruh beat from the West?  Texas A&M (but at this point what good team hasn’t beat them?) and Ole Miss (who just lost to Mississippi State).  No LSU…No Auburn…No Buhmuh.  Georgia and Florida are shells of their former selves in the East.  And they lost to South Carolina.  I’m not convinced on Mizzeruh as a top tier team quite yet.  How’s ’bout you’s all WARS DAMN EAGLE?

#9 Stanford, 10-2 (def. Notre Dame 27-20): I was awful against the spread this week, but I nailed this puppy.  Anyway, the Cardinal fall below the Arizona State Sun Devils because I am picking Arizona State to win and want to have the rankings reflect that…despite Stanford beating a Notre Dame team Arizona State already lost to:/

It’s halftime….



Halftime Over

#8 Arizona State, 10-2 (def. Arizona 58-21): Because the Pac-12 isn’t a real conference and plays important games on Thursdays, they also don’t have a neutral site to play the PACIFIC-iest Championship Game at this weekend; therefore, Arizona State’s one-loss-record gives the Sun Devils the right to host Stanford in the deep, desert-y, deserted south.  I’m picking you, Arizona State….don’t fail me now.

#7 Oklahoma State, 10-1 (BYE): The Cowboys have the opportunity to clinch both a Fiesta Bowl and REAL-Fiesta Bowl berth by beating Oklahoma in BEDLAM this weekend.  Don’t expect there to be too much insanity or disorder; unless you consider Blake Bell throwing interceptions to be either of those things.  Oklahoma State has one of the nation’s most opportunistic defenses in the country.  That loss to offensively terrible West Virginia mars a good season.

#6 Clemson, 10-2 (lost South Carolina 17-31): Our first loser this week, Clemson falls only one spot.  Jesse “I was on the Bachelor” Palmer reported Clemson was “blown out” by South Carolina….I saw a resilient team which managed to keep the game imaginably close despite suffering six turnovers.  Call me an optimist…call me a idiot…I’m probably both.

#5 South Carolina, 10-2 (def. Clemson 31-17): South Carolina dominated Clemson!….no, wait.  Anyway, the Gamecocks did win the game and only have losses to Georgia and Tennessee marring the season.  Look, I’m not a huge fan of the SEC favoritism, but it clearly is the best conference year in-year-out.  Beating Missouri and Clemson is nothing to shake a stick out.  Beating Tennessee would’ve definitely helped the national outlook, but let’s give South Carolina its due.  Likely the best team in the SEC East.

#4 Buhmuh (see below)

#3 Auburn, 11-1 (played the Iron Bowl): I wanted to keep Buhmuh ahead of Auburn.  Buhmuh is clearly the better team which found itself beaten in really only one way: field goal kicking.  The most underrated and overlooked part of college football dooms teams year-in-and-year-out.  Oregon for the past decade has ended up denied by field goal kicking.  Buhmuh this year.  The Kyle Brotzman fiasco….then again, can I keep Auburn behind Buhmuh after just beating the Tide?  But was the Tigers loss to LSU worse?  We’ll see what happens come Saturday.

#2 Ohio State, 12-0 (def. Michigan 42-41): If there is anything proven during the Iron Bowl this year, it’s how hard it is to go undefeated.  I have more respect for Ohio State and Florida State with the -0 next to the first number than I do for the -1 next to Auburn in the SEC.  Auburn played Buhmuh and LSU, the best teams on the Tigers…and lost to one of them.  Georgia, Ole Miss, and Texas A&M?  They have combined for 13 losses and only 3 of them could be to Auburn.  Shhhh.

#1 Florida State, 12-0 (def. Florida 37-7): I hate Florida so much for losing to a 27.5 spread at home…seriously, Florida?  You were already one of my least favorite teams around and now you play me this way?  Ugh.  Anyway.



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